Pros & Cons Of DIY Home Improvement

Pros & Cons Of DIY Home Improvement

While we are big fans of DIY here at What U Talking Bout Willis, we are happy to admit it isn’t always the best solution. The do-it-yourself ethic can help you create an incredible home to the spec you desire, and you will save a pretty penny, too.

But, ultimately, there will be the odd occasion when you need to hire the professionals. In today’s guide, we’re going to go through some of the pros and cons of DIY home improvements and help you get a rough idea of when you should hold your hands up and ask for help instead. Read on to find out more!

Pros & Cons Of DIY Home Improvement

Pro: It saves you money

Let’s not beat around the bush – we all know contractors can cost you a pretty penny. Not only on price but also with your time, because there are almost always delays and more expenses than initially quoted. That’s why the folks at Inspire, Design & Create are around to help you tackle projects yourself with confidence. They are skilled workers who will do an accurate and excellent job in a far shorter time than you could. But they do come at a price. If you are prepared to put in some learning and develop your skills as you work, there is no reason why you shouldn’t tackle some DIY jobs yourself.

Con: Quality issues

Be honest with yourself – are you going to be able to produce a finish or work to a standard of quality that matches a professional? You might be able to plasterboard a wall, for example, but could you mount natural stone tiles to give the perfect finish? In the vast majority of cases, you should be considering DIY work for anything you can’t see unless you are experienced at the ‘finishing jobs’. Then it’s just a case of hiring a contractor to give it the perfect finish – and it’s the perfect balance of saving money and spending it in the right places.

Pros & Cons Of DIY Home Improvement

Pro: Experience

Learning to DIY gives you a raft of new skills that you cannot learn in any other environment other than ‘on the job.’ And the more you do it, the better you will get – and the more skills you will learn. After a decade or so of DIY projects, you will find you can take on almost anything, and the amount of money you will have saved could be incredible.

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Con: Dangerous

There are some DIY jobs you should never take on unless you are qualified and certified to do them. Electrical work is incredibly dangerous, as is any jobs that need doing on your roof – there are plenty of nightmarish stories about homeowners tumbling to their doom after trying to fix a broken roof tile. Another danger is that DIY work in the home could cause your property major issues. A nail in the wrong place could result in burst pipe water damage. A drill into the wrong area of a wall could end with your electrocution. And if you cause harm to other fixtures and fittings you might end up spoiling your warranty, meaning all that money you are saving will end up being spent anyway.

Pro: Satisfaction

Ultimately, however, DIY is all about getting a sense of satisfaction. If you can see a project out from beginning to end, you will have a wonderful sense of achievement. It takes patience, time, and experience, but DIY is well worth the feeling you will get when you complete a tough but beautiful job.


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