How to Purchase a Pump for Agriculture

How to purchase a pump for agriculture

Pumps are an extremely important piece of machinery. In fact, most of us rely on them without even realizing. Pumps come in various forms and they can be used in various ways. Due to lack of information, people think that all pumps are the same and serve the same purpose. This cannot be farther from truth. Before you decide to buy one, you need to be properly informed. Otherwise, you can end with a product that cannot help you whatsoever.

Even if you know which type of a pump is required, you need to make the necessary calculations beforehand. Salesmen being salesmen will sell you first pump possible. In some cases, they will sell you a pump as they lack experience in the particular case. Have in mind that pumps can be tricky so both sides need to have adequate information.

Here are some tips from the experts at that will lead you through the process of buying a water pump.


  1. Never buy a pump without designing a project or making a plan. Each year, an enormous number of people loses money due to the fact they bought a water pump before making the necessary calculations. Only afterward do they realize that the pump isn’t suitable that is, it doesn’t have the necessary characteristics which their system requires.
  2. Performance tables can also cause a lot of issues. Namely, a lot of pumps have the wrong information on the table. Of course, I am talking about a plate that is fixed on a pump by the manufacturer. Some salesmen use this to their advantage and continue selling the product regardless of their real purpose. For example, different pressure and capacity information may be presented.
  3. Some companies have a misleading way of naming their pumps. For example, you might find product name “water pump”. This actually doesn’t tell you anything. In most cases, these pumps have really low performances and are usually really cheap. They cannot be used for agriculture. In most cases, a person will realize this only after he or she purchases the product. Make sure to buy a pump called “high-pressure pump”
  4. Water is also very important. You need to establish which type of water you are going to use. Well water is different from the water procured from an open source such as a lake. Have in mind that well water will have limited capacity while lake or river water has unlimited. It is also necessary to establish dynamic and static level of the water source.
  5. One of the most common issues appears between the water source and the pump. When you realize this it will already be late. For example, well might have a small diameter. In other words, there won’t be enough water for the system requirements. In such cases, a classic centrifugal pump cannot work properly and it will have a low static level preventing you from submerging a pump.
  6. The capacity of the pump is the last thing you need to consider. Capacity is determined based on the number of rotation. This is important as you have to have a powerful enough diesel motor that will enable the required number of rotations. In most cases, if there is something wrong with the motor, its collapse is imminent. So this is another thing that needs to be considered in the whole story.



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As you can see, agricultural water pumps are much different than for example, pool pumps. They are not standardized and there are numerous things that you have to consider beforehand. If you do not have experience, perhaps the best thing you can do is consult one of your experienced friends or colleagues so he can walk you through,

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