Quiet Leaf Blowers: Are They For Real?

Quiet Leaf Blowers Are They For Real

Autumn is considered as one of the most beautiful and awaited out of the four seasons. Aside from heralding the winter (which almost everybody “despises”), this is also the time for Thanksgiving here in the Northern Hemisphere. Autumn or fall is also rich in the same sepia-toned colors, making it quite nostalgic. The weather is quite good as well as the crisp of the winter winds is arriving but there are still hints of summer. The temperature is just right most of the time but you really need a cup of pumpkin spice or maple latte while enjoying the autumn season. Learn more about this season and how to enjoy it here.

Is Autumn Really The Best Season?

Autumn is also known with another name: fall. This might be because there are a lot of golden leaves falling from the trees as they give them off before the winter. They look beautiful of course, but it can usually be a pain to clean. The falling leaves just never end and you have to sweep your backyard again and again. It seems that any kind of cleaning is useless. The leaves will just fall until the first snow comes in and then there is nothing you can do but sit and mope inside your homes. It makes you want to wish for a device that can help you lessen the labor. When it comes to gardening and lawn care, we all know that having the tools can help save time and energy. But having the right ones isn’t enough. You need to know how to use them. https://BestOfTools.com will give you the best and starting point online about tools and gardening

Well, here come the leaf blowers. These handy little things can literally remove the plant-made mess in minutes. You don’t have to get the broom and start sweeping. Just turn on the device, and it will do the work for you. A typical leaf blower looks like a grass mower that you put on your shoulders. However, instead of cutting grass, it blows them away to another location. You can’t usually control where the leaves go, but you can always point it to the general direction. They were introduced as a way to clean up fallen leaves faster and these have been around for a long time. 

However, there are just two things that kept it from becoming really popular: environmental and noise concerns. Its previous iterations have been using a combustion engine as a way to operate which uses gasoline. The fume these emit contributes to the pollution that is already around in the cities. This has been addressed for a very long time now and there are many environmentally friendly leaf blowers. There are even some electric ones which you can charge, although they are not as powerful.  Even medium sized leaf blowers that are gas-powered pack enough power to outperform an electric one. But electric-powered ones are “a great choice for people who want to be able to effectively clear leaves out of their yards while using green-certified machines and limiting their carbon footprint”, as reported by BestOfMachinery.-

Quiet Leaf Blowers Are They For Real

However, if there is one thing that has not been properly addressed, it is the noise it makes. 

Why Switch To Noise-free Blowers

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Older models of leaf blowers tend to make a lot of noise. It isn’t just a simple sound; it is a continuously whirring noise that can be quite irritating to hear for a long time. Also, it is rather grating to the ears which are not really good for long term exposure. Even though you don’t use this machine quite as often, it is important to have one that is quiet enough to not be disturbing to everybody else. This is especially true if you are living in a close neighborhood as well. Visit this link to know more about leaf blowers: soundproofpros.com/quietest-leaf-blowers.

Before purchasing this item, you need to check whether it is truly as quiet as it seems. Most leaf blowers still do make a sound as they are being used. However, it is not as annoying as before since most of them have improved their technology for the past decade. You should look at the packaging if it has an ANSI or American National Standards Institute rating which would determine how loud the product is. If it doesn’t have anything, it would be safe to assume that it is quite loud. You should also look at what type the leaf blower is. Most electric leaf blowers are actually quieter (but not by much) than the gas-powered ones but they do tend to be weaker. Also, electric leaf blowers don’t have emissions which can contribute to the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

 Leaf blowers are convenient tools that you can use for those pesky leaves on your backyard or roofs. However, it is also important to be able to use it without disturbing yourself or anybody else. You can always get a quiet leaf blower that still does the job without being a nuisance to the neighborhood.

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