Reasons to Look Forward to a Dream Honeymoon at a Maldives 5-Star Resort

It’s Saturday lunchtime, and just when you thought life could not get any better, you were proved wrong. You are already looking forward to what will be the happiest day of your life when you get married to your sweetheart in a couple of months.

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You’ve put down the deposit on somewhere to live, but your parents called around the night before to tell you to start planning for your honeymoon. You cannot believe just how lucky you are when we’re told you that they had booked for you to stay at one of the premium 5 star resorts Maldives¬†has to offer.

  • Your first thoughts of the Maldives were of somewhere tropical and exotic, and you were not far off, having scanned the website excitedly. It’s certainly caught the imagination of the pair of you, as thoughts of romance in surroundings such as incredible sandy beaches, vibrant marine life, and swaying coconut palms captivate your thoughts.
  • You have a very special package awaiting you, which consists of a welcome amenity where you will be greeted with champagne, a bed decoration, a romantic meal perfect for a newly wedded couple during your stay, along with a 60-minute spa treatment per person. No wonder you’re excited! And no wonder you read up on how to increase testosterone levels fast and easily.
  • As for your room, well, the old folks have booked you a beach studio. You cannot wait to stretch out on your private deck or to step out and feel that stunning sand between your toes before you plunge into the ocean. Inside, you have a deep tub for you to relax and soak yourselves silly. And what a view each morning as you wake to look across the water. As if all that isn’t enough, you have the very latest in in-house entertainment, along with a Nespresso machine when you’re not enjoying that king-sized bed.
  • Aside from spending lots of amazing private time together, you will also have plenty to keep you occupied by way of some of the most incredible marine life in the world, virtually outside your studio. You’ll just love the lagoon, which is home to brightly coloured coral clusters where tropical fish, rays, and occasionally dolphins all inhabit. You can read up about the coral reefs of the Maldives¬†before your departure.
  • Your taste buds will be well accommodated too, with the resort being home to some fantastic restaurants, from an ocean terrace that caters to international cuisine, as does another which specializes in seafood grills. Throw in a bar by a pool and a hangout on the beach that serves drinks until 1 am, where the DJ will have you up and dancing as you gather around the fire.
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You can look forward to your big day with excitement, knowing that once it is over, you have a dream honeymoon to look forward to. A spanking brand new 5-star resort in the Maldives is guaranteed to get your marriage off to a winning start.

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