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EaseUS data recovery is a free data recovery software tool which helps you to restore lost files in your computer system. The EaseUS data recovery tool comes with an interactive user interface that aims to offer ease of use for your users. EaseUS data recovery software tool brings with a free version that allows you to recover up to 2GB of lost data. It scans the sectors of your disk drive and recovers the files left the bad sectors. The free version of the EaseUS data recovery software is loaded with enough features to provide to the everyday requirements of the users.

Free data recovery software – EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition can be downloaded for free here to help you recover deleted data, formatted or missing data from USB, SD card or hard drive etc. Free download this data recovery freeware to recover your missing data.

With more forceful features with any of its competitors in the market, the EaseUS data recovery software is guaranteed capable of recovering files which are lost on a different platform such as.

Recovers Lost Data on Different Platform 

With the help of EaseUS data recovery software you get back your all lost data files on various platform .like as PC, Laptop, and External/removable various storage devices in a very simple and easy way.

Quick and Easy Data Recovery

With the help of EaseUS data recovery software recover your lost data quickly in every way.  Download the software – choose the lost data drive and – click on the scan button – your files are recovered well again.

Different Storage Drives

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can recover lost data files from Memory/SD cards, SSD drives, USB drives, Memory/SD cards, digital cameras, Zip drive, floppy disk, and many other multiple storage drives.

Flexible & Good Data Recovery Process

It is very easy and good source data recovery process with the help of EaseUS data recovery software. You can easily operate it and when you need you to pause the data recovery process after some time if you want to restart it from where it stopped

Data Recovery High-Quality Efficient

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard make guaranteed you get back all your lost data from the selected drive. You download EaseUS Data Recovery software and a quick scan and then a deep scan which finds your computer thoroughly to get back all your lost files/data.

Recovers All Formats Files

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard has the ability to recover almost all data file. All videos file formats, all type of document file types (i.e.; .txt, .docs doc, .xlsx, .xltm , ppt,  pdf and etc), archive files, all email documents, and etc.

Recovering Ability Lost Data from Different Scenarios

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EaseUS data recovery wizard have an ability to recover lost data/files lost due to unplanned and by chance deletion, disk formatting,  corrupted Disk files and/or multi-virus attacks, system crash,  primary partition deletion, and etc.

Allows Import and Export of Scan r Results

EaseUS Free Data Recovery software is providing you import or export old scan results when you want it. If you wish to only retrieve your most important documents and continue with others at a soon after some time just export the scan result to a folder on your PC and after that, you continue with the remaining files which is important for you. Now you can import the saved the scan result and continue without rescanning any of the connected drives.

Maintain all Windows

EaseUS Free Data Recovery software is a good source for all Microsoft Windows operating system (OS) versions.

A Cool and Friendly User Interface

At the end of our user take positively & it comes good and friendly features to resolve our lost data and its recovering process is not a lengthy way.

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