Simple Jar Decorating on a Budget

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Simple Jar Decorating on a Budget

In my last post about decorating with jars, I showed how you can use Mason Jars to decorate with simple ideas. So I wanted to share with you how you can take other types of  jars and create different ideas and use them for  Jar Decorating. Remember you aren’t limited to these ideas; these are just a few I have done in my own home.

Button Jar

The button jar idea is pretty simple. Do you have a grandma that collected buttons in her earlier years? She might share her collection with you. You can usually find ‘old’ looking  jars at flea markets, in your basement if you live in an old house even. Rummage sales are also a great place to find old buttons and jars for decorating.

Rag Ball Jar

With this type of  jar there is really many ideas besides the rag balls. Rag balls are easy to make; you are not limited to using homespun. You can use most types of fabric and do them according to your type of decor or liking.

To make a rag ball you will need:

  • Styrofoam balls in a few different sizes if you want variety. My Mom used Medium and Small.
  • Fabric cut into strips.
  • A pin or fabric glue to help the fabric stay on the styrofoam

You will take the first strip and either glue or pin the fabric at one point and wrap it around. Then you can change direction, and keep going until you have covered the ball. You can either stick a pin into it to secure or use fabric glue.

You can do as many as you would like in different colors, shapes etc. I have potpourri in the bottom of mine just as a filler- but you don’t have to use any if you would rather not.

Another idea is putting a pillar candle in and then fill around it with potpourri or buttons. Normally I haven’t lit a candle inside of the glass jar but as long as your potpourri or filler is low, there shouldn’t be any issue. That is a personal choice.

One idea I have from the holidays was to put Christmas bulbs in the larger glass jar. I used red, white, silver (or gold) , even a small blue one or so. It looked very festive!

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I hope you enjoyed these  jar decorating ideas and see if it sparks any ideas of your own. Jars can be inexpensive at Walmart or hobby stores.




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