Simple Steps: Passion Twists on Natural Hair

passion twists on natural hair

As someone who’s been immersed in the world of natural hair for years, I’m excited to introduce you to the magic of passion twists. This trendy hairstyle, known for its versatility and low maintenance, is a game-changer for natural hair enthusiasts. Whether you’re new to the natural hair journey or a seasoned veteran, passion twists are a style worth exploring.

Passion Twists on Natural Hair

Definition of Passion Twists

To understand passion twists, we first need to delve into their essence. What’s a passion twist? Well, it’s a beautifully textured, twisted hairstyle that’s been a revelation to the ‘naturalistas.’ This style is achieved by interlocking two strands of natural hair, typically enhanced with extensions for added volume.

Taking its name from the passion twist hair used in the process, the final look has a distinctive springy coil. It’s reminiscent of beautiful beach waves, offering a dynamic departure from the more traditional twist styles. Each twist is intentionally left with a boho-finish, creating a sense of naturalness, while still offering the definition and longevity you’ve come to expect from protective hairstyles.

Benefits of Passion Twists

Why are so many women gravitating towards this trend? As someone who values my natural curls, I can vouch for its perks.

  • Healthy Hair: These twists serve a dual purpose – style and hair health. By offering your hair a break from daily manipulation, you’re encouraging healthier growth while still making your fashion statement.
  • Versatility: Just as with your natural curls, passion twists offer a host of styling options. Want a high bun for an elegant night? No problem. In the mood for a fun, loose style for a day at the park? You got it!
  • Low Maintenance: The ladies can be in agreement – we love a good low maintenance look. Unlike some protective styles that require daily upkeep, these twists can go weeks with minimal intervention.
  • Enhanced Volume: Looking for an opportunity to have fun with added volume? Passion twists have you covered! The added hair gives your hairstyle extra body, allowing you to play with dimensions in ways that natural hair alone often can’t achieve.

As we have seen, there are various reasons to consider rocking this look the next time you’re at the salon. So, if you’re looking for a fresh, versatile hairstyle that screams of summer vibes and beach mojitos, give passion twists a try. It’s not just a hairdo, it’s a statement. It’s an unapologetic proclamation that says “I’m here, I’m natural, and I’m fabulous!”––and that’s something we can all get behind.

(Note: From this point on, the article can transition into a tutorial on how to make passion twists, or delve into tips on maintenance of this style for longevity)


Preparing Your Natural Hair

Before starting your passion twists journey, there’s one crucial step you need to remember – preparation. Properly prepping your hair creates a strong foundation for your twists, meaning they’ll last longer, look better, and be easier to style.

Cleanse and Condition Your Hair

The first step is to wash your hair. You’re going to have your twists in for a while, so you want to make sure your scalp and hair are clean and healthy. You can use any sulfate-free shampoo that you’d typically use.

Conditioning is just as important as cleansing. Proper conditioning keeps your hair hydrated, and hydrated hair is less prone to breakage and frizz. Use a deep conditioner or a hair masque for optimal results and let it sit on your hair for at least 30 minutes.

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Moisturize and Detangle Your Hair

Your hair needs to be thoroughly moisturized before you start twisting. I can’t stress enough how important this step is. Dry hair won’t hold the twist as well, and might even lead to damage and breakage. Apply a leave-in conditioner or a similar hydrating product to lock in the moisture.

Next, detangle your hair. It’s easier to twist your hair when it’s smooth and tangle-free. Use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to gently work out any knots. Remember, natural hair is fragile, so be gentle!

Stretch Your Hair

The last step in preparing your natural hair for passion twists is to Stretch Your Hair. Twisting on stretched hair yields longer, more defined twists and reduces the chance of shrinkage. You can stretch your hair by either blow-drying it on a low heat setting or using a heatless method like banding or African threading.

That’s it – your hair is now ready for passion twists! Remember, healthy hair is key to gorgeous, long-lasting twists.

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