Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs; Blogger Style

snow white dwarfs coloring page image

snow white dwarfs coloring page image

Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs; Blogger Style

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Once Upon a Time…. or so it goes….

I have had this post in mind for quite some time, but have wanted to make sure I wrote it how I intended for it to come across.  I have found that in the blogger ‘world’ you can just about categorize bloggers according to the characters from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. So here I go:

Snow White:

This character is looked up to by the dwarfs. After many months; usually years; she is at the ‘top area’ of her class of bloggers. She has put many hours into her site, social media and if she can’t ‘do it all’; by now she is able to hire help in order to complete the day to day tasks. She usually has built a high amount of followers and status, YET takes the time to chat with others (and most of the time, they themselves do not consider themselves the “Snow White” of blogging in her field.) This is the blogger(s) to watch, to gather knowledge from; without constantly hounding them. This blogger isn’t always the same for each person. Depending on area of expertise your ‘Snow White’ Blogger may NOT be the same as someone else’s, as we all have different people we look up to.

The Seven Types of Bloggers (Dwarf characters if you will):



This type of blogger wants to fix things or rather, might want to fix YOU. They seem to have all the answers and do not mind letting you know what they are. Usually this type of blogger isn’t one you want to constantly surround yourself as they aren’t helping you-but mainly hindering your progress.  The other type of “Doc” is the one that is a fixer, they know the ins and outs of the ‘backend’ side of your site and will help out when “Google”  or “Searching” hasn’t helped.


This type of blogger is the one that “nothing is ever right”. Either their hosting sucks, no one is helping them out, or they aren’t in a good mood from something ‘outside’ of their blogging business. This person usually wants you too to be grumpy-so they do little things to make others around them grumpy also. As we know grumpy wants grumpy company because it isn’t fun to have Happy people around…It ‘just’ might make them Happy too, and that would suck. lol Well not really-but you  know what I mean. We all have grumpy days/times but I am talking about the blogger that is constantly grumpy and doesn’t really care whom it affects.


The Happy Blogger-don’t we all wish we could be happy 95% of the time? Happy is fun, happy can be contagious unless of course you are a chronic “Grumpy”. The Happy blogger may not even truly be happy all of the time-but you wouldn’t know it because they don’t let it ‘all hang out’ on line.  Happy though is ‘usually’ one  that attracts those around them. They say misery loves company, so why wouldn’t Happy love happy company? I wish to be this blogger more often!


The Sleepy Blogger literally is the one that burns the candle at both ends. As we all know this isn’t healthy; yet some can’t help it due to insomnia or a waking baby/child or just irregular sleep patterns. Then when they are in their ‘daily activities’ they are groggy, can be irritable and often can’t concentrate on their work. This can be frustrating to say the least.  The Sleepy Blogger may want to try to at least (if possible) get 6 hours of sleep. I know the  medical profession says 8 but unless you have a spouse that can watch the kids on a Saturday morning, during the week this might be impossible. Just an idea, as when I found I am to bed by midnight and up by 5:45am, I work better than if I get 4 hours or 9 hours… I know quite a broad spectrum.


The Bashful Blogger can be a tough one. This blogger maybe has always been bashful, shy, quiet. Being a blogger you get to have some sort of anonymity. You can ‘hide’ behind the screen but THEN comes the time you want to branch out and grow. That means you have to interact with people via online or even worse in person. At first you might decline invitations and choose to sit back and wait. There is nothing wrong with the bashful blogger; sometimes it includes anxiety or need of self-confidence. To work at this it might start at home or joining a group or so on Facebook and contributing. Anything that helps this blogger ‘come out of their shell’ even if it takes a bit to do so.  I believe the bashful blogger can overcome this; it just may take a little time.


Hah! This one I had a bit of a hard time comparing to a blogger. Then I thought when someone sneezes what does it do? Sometimes without realizing it, it draws attention to that person. The sneezer (if that is even a word) sometimes can make a louder sneeze or do an “Achooooie”. So this blogger might draw unneeded attention to themselves by making something bigger than it already is. Initially they might have sneezed so to speak, and it drew attention. But once they realize this attention-getter they continue to sneeze louder to keep those people interested. You know this blogger or have been in contact with this blogger. It all depends what they are “sneezing” about whether they will keep your attention……..or not.

See Also


Ahhh Dopey-now this one was even tougher for me than Sneezy. Then it came to me. Are you ready? The Dopey Blogger is the one that steals other’s content and claims it as their own. They think the internet is “too big” for that blogger to find the content they have stolen. Its one thing if the original blogger gives permission to use this content and is credited for it. Its another thing to pretend you wrote it without even thinking of the hard work the original author put forth to produce that content. It steals traffic, their credibility and sometimes their own website if found and reported.

I could think of a few more types if I had the characters to compare them to; but its the seven dwarfs, not the ten dwarfs. While I am thinking of it, the credit for the picture above? I was actually going through images trying to figure out what I was going to use. Then I saw a few ‘color book’ pages and thought…wait I have a Snow White coloring book from back when the kids were younger so I scanned them and put them together. Just didn’t want you to think I was a dopey blogger.

**Credit of pictures combined together to make above image: to the old Snow White Coloring Book and Activities. **

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