Stencil Revolution Gave My Mom a New Hobby

Stencil Revolution Gave My Mom a New Hobby

Disclosure:  This post is in partnership with Stencil Revolution who sent their stencils for us to do a review.  All opinions are our own.

If you have not visited Stencil Revolution’s website you need to stop and go now.  Well after you read all about them, then you can go.  My Mom has been searching for a hobby and when Emily at Stencil Revolution contacted me I thought, “this is something right up my Mom’s alley”.  She is so crafty and I thought this would be something she would totally enjoy.  Her house is beautiful with all of its rustic primitive flare, so I knew if I gave her a choice she would pick some of Emily’s best stencils.  There are SO many to choose from.

The stencils are not ‘just primitive country’.  There are so many different types of stencils I would be here all day listing them all.  But for this post, I will be showing you what my Mom has created with just a couple of the stencils she received.

You will find that these stencils are excellent in quality. The material they use is a  reusable 12 mil food-safe Mylar plastic – the toughest, safest consumer-grade stencil material available anywhere in the world.  You will be happy you chose them because they are made to last.  There are no sharp, jagged edges because they use a professional grade co2 laser cutting machine.

Each stencil comes in a variety of sizes whether you are wanting to do a small project or a larger one for your home.  The sizes are shown for each stencil on their own page, and when you click the size you will see the pricing.  Ordering is a breeze and the turn around time is quick.  You can read their FAQ section for any questions you have.

Stencil Revolution Gave My Mom a New Hobby | Believe

This was her first try with the BELIEVE stencil on a scrap piece of wood.  She says it will take her a little time to get better but felt for her first try she did great.

Stencil Revolution Gave My Mom a New Hobby | Simply Blessed

With the Simply Blessed stencil, I thought she did a wonderful job just starting out.  She told me that the stencils are so easy to use and she is looking forward to creating some signs for gifts as well as her home.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to using these stencils whether it is on pillows, walls in your home, signs, t-shirt and more.

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One of my favorite stencils that I chose is ‘All of Me Loves All of You’, shhhh I am hoping my Mom makes that sign for our house once it is rebuilt after the fire we had back in early October.  I think I would hang it in our new bedroom.

Please take time to stop by Stencil Revolution and see all that she has to offer.  You will not be disappointed!

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  • I love making handmade gifts for friends and family, though I am not the craftiest person. These stencils looks easy enough to use, and the signs look beautiful. I think this would also make a great activity for a “moms night in” with my neighborhood moms club. I would love to make a sign that says “Be Brave” for my daughter, as that is her mantra.

  • strange was trying to comment and instead signed up for a comment subscription . ok was saying to thay sound fun to do and always need new things to do around here.

    • Oh I am sorry- if you do not want to keep getting the responses to the comments and can’t figure out how to undo it just let me know.

  • I love this idea and I have to admit, one time in my life , I think I stenciled everything, it was just going crazy looking in my home, for real, I had to give it up, but now I do some, just in moderation.

  • These wall hangings look beautiful! I love the idea of using stencils to make beautiful words and things to hang on the wall! I may have to make this my new hobby too, they have so many to choose from! Thank you so much for sharing!

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