Surprising 2019 Trends in American Apartment Size

Surprising 2019 Trends in American Apartment Size
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The American trends for home sizes are changing. Most people do not usually know how much space they require. Some individuals live in small apartments because they are affordable. On the other hand, some people live in big apartments because they can afford it or need the extra space.

The number of people that have decided to downsize and move into smaller apartments might surprise you. That being said, we should look at the average size of American apartments and compare it to other areas in the world. The following information will make it easier for you to know whether your apartment matches the size of the UK and Australian apartments.

Whether you live in Far North Dallas Apartments or somewhere else, you need to be aware of the new apartment size trends.

Which Country Has the Biggest Apartments?

When you compare the information that is found online, it would be safe to say that Americans live in big homes. Actually, Americans have the biggest houses when compared to other people in the world. It is hard to believe that Americans have the most usable space and square footage than other parts of the world.

In second place, is the country Australia because its residents like to live in big homes. On the other end of the spectrum, UK residents came in last place because their typical two-person residence has a square footage of 818. This goes to show that the UK residents do not need as big a home as Americans do.

In other parts of the world such as Hong Kong, people live in small homes too because space is expensive. In fact, Chinese people in Hong Kong live in fewer than 400 square feet of space. Chinese individuals who travel for business prefer to rent tiny 7-foot apartments that only have enough space for sleeping. At 40 dollars a month, you can understand why they choose these tiny apartment pods over normal apartments.

The Average Size of American Apartments

Surprising 2019 Trends in American Apartment SizeThe trends for American apartments are starting to change. When people started tracking apartment size trends in the 1970s, renters kept renting bigger and bigger apartments until very recently. However, things are starting to change and the average apartment size for Americans is 980 square feet. This is smaller than the previous average, which was 1082 square feet.

Places such as Houston, Dallas, and Seattle are starting to decrease the size of apartments. Moreover, in large cities like San Francisco and NYC, where there are more people than space, micro-apartments are cropping up all over. Most developers in America are beginning to build smaller houses because they recognize this trend.

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Although some developers are beginning to construct smaller homes and apartments, not all of them are doing so. In some areas, apartment sizes are actually increasing in size, especially in markets with high demand. However, as the population of America continues to increase and space becomes limited, people will have to live in smaller spaces.

Nowadays, people would rather have less space to take care of, which makes smaller apartments trendy. Additionally, less space is actually more affordable than in bigger spaces. If you do not utilize all of the space that you are currently occupying, you should consider downsizing to a smaller home. Once the children move out of the house, most people are choosing to downsize because space becomes too much.

Final Thoughts

If you live in the US, it should not come as a surprise to find out that we own some of the largest homes in the world. Americans have been living bold and big lives for many years, but it is time for things to start changing. Now, increasingly more people are opting to live in tiny apartments and homes than before. If this trend of downsizing keeps up, who knows where this country will find itself in the next few years.


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