The Best Ways to Accessorise Your Dog

Accessorise Your Dog

There used to be a time when a dog’s primary purpose was to do a job like herding sheep, hunting, or keeping intruders at bay. In modern times, the majority of dog owners keep them as companion animals, not as working dogs. This change in attitude has led to a new trend: fashion accessories for dogs.

Should Dogs Wear Clothes?

Dog owners are divided on the answer to this question. Some owners believe that, since dogs weren’t bred to wear clothing, there’s no excuse for dressing them up in fanciful costumes. Others feel that unnecessary costumes are uncomfortable for dogs and only serve their owners’ interests.

There’s no easy answer to whether it’s okay to put costumes on dogs. Most people seem to draw the line at defending clothing like winter jackets and booties that are designed for short-haired or particularly small dogs to improve comfort. As a general rule, try to consider whether the dog will be comfortable and able to play before buying costumes or clothing from a Dog Apparel Store.

Leashes and Collars

While the debate surrounding dog costumes and accessories rages on, no modern dog owner would argue that a leash and collar are anything but necessary. Any leash and collar can keep a dog safe, but owners who want to make a statement can purchase matching sets, reflective leashes, and more.

Some dog owners purchase collars that match their own outfits while others make the choice based on their dogs’ fur colors and patterns. This one’s a matter of personal preference since there’s no possibility that a correctly sized collar will make the animal uncomfortable.

What About Hairless Dogs?

There are exceptions to every rule. While most dogs don’t enjoy wearing clothing and costumes, hairless breeds may need to wear clothing year-round to stay warm in the winter and prevent sunburn in the summer. Just use common sense and purchase clothing that actually benefits the dog.

Choosing Where to Shop

Dog owners love animals, so why not buy from a company that holds the same values? Try purchasing from a company that donates a portion of its profits to animal rescue organizations. Not only can dog owners feel good about their purchases but they’ll also get the opportunity to talk to others about the importance of adopting shelter animals instead of buying from puppy mills.

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Clothes for Dog Owners

While buying costumes for dogs is a questionable decision, owners never have to feel bad about buying dog-related clothing for themselves. Purchase outfits that match the dog’s coloring or collar and leash or buy branded clothes from a company that supports animal rescues. It’s a great way for dog owners to display a passion for fashion without making their animals uncomfortable. Plus, other dog owners will recognize popular brands, which makes dog-related clothing a great conversation starter even when furry friends have to be left at home.

The Bottom Line

Some dogs such as hairless breeds and toy or teacup breeds need to wear jackets during the winter to prevent them from getting cold, but most animals don’t love wearing costumes. Plenty of dog owners choose to accessorize their dogs anyway, but they should make sure to prioritize function over fashion instead of making their dogs uncomfortable. When in doubt, stick to matching leash and collar sets and save the fashion statements for human companions.


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