The Funding Will Help Lightlytics Expand Its Services And Support For DevOps Teams

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Lightlytics, a DevOps automation and analytics tool leader, has completed a successful funding round of $1.9M. Led by financiers, venture capitalists and private investors, the company will use the funds to continue to grow its business and expand its services into new areas.

The venture-backed team combines automation and analytics technology to create an optimised solution for DevOps teams. By taking a holistic approach to IT landscape optimization, Lightlytics hopes to improve the speed of software development cycles and help IT teams deliver more reliable applications faster than ever before.

This additional funding will support Lightlytics’ expansion into several new markets including healthcare and finance. The team has already gained traction in these industries as well as retail, travel & hospitality, ecommerce & logistics, media & entertainment and cloud services & infrastructure sectors.

With this series of investments, Lightlytics aims to continue providing world-class products and customer success stories through their tailored approach for each IT organisation’s unique needs. In addition, the company anticipates that this investment will fuel further advancement of their tools into innovative solutions for microservices deployment management and greater automation across the entire application lifecycle — from development through production environments.

Lightlytics, a DevOps automation and analytics tool leader, has completed a successful funding round of $1.9M.

Lightlytics Secures $30M in Funding to Help DevOps Teams Operate Cloud Infrastructure With Speed and Confidence

Lightlytics, a cloud infrastructure monitoring and management provider, has recently secured $30 million in funding.

This funding will allow Lightlytics to continue expanding its services and support for DevOps teams to help them operate their cloud infrastructure quickly and confidently.

Let’s take a closer look at this recent funding.

Overview of Lightlytics

Lightlytics is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered platform that helps DevOps teams optimise their data to deliver higher quality software faster. Its intelligent analytics engine draws insights from various pre-trained models and makes them available through the Lightlytics Dashboard for quick visualisation and decision making.

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The Dashboard integrates with multiple sources such as public cloud providers, container images, logfiles, business analytics platforms and web APIs. It can generate detailed reports containing KPIs, alarms and other metrics in an easy-to-use format for team collaboration and decision making. At its core Lightlytics provides peace of mind for teams across DevOps processes by enabling the most effective data analysis possible within the shortest timeframes.

The recent $30M round of investments from top tier venture firms will help Lightlytics expand its services and support for DevOps teams, pilots underway with our existing customers, and accelerate general rollout throughout Asia Pacific. With this new capital injection, they have also hired additional personnel along with several key strategic hires that bring a wealth of experience in engineering and AI operations to the team.

Overview of the Funding

Lightlytics, a provider of intelligent DevOps tools, has announced that it has secured $30 million in Series A funding. The funding will support the continued development of their machine learning and automation platform to improve the performance and reliability of enterprise IT operations worldwide.

GGV Capital, Microsoft Ventures, Cisco Investments, Trinity Ventures and Northwestern Mutual Future Ventures provided the backing. The company will use the funds to advance product development and expand its sales and customer success teams. With this round of funding, Lightlytics is now valued at over one billion dollars.

Lightlytics’ data-driven automation platform is designed to help DevOps teams uncover insights from vast amounts of data more efficiently and accurately than ever before. As companies struggle to stay competitive in an increasingly digital world, this technology gives organisations a competitive edge to move fast without sacrificing quality or reliability.

This new influx of capital comes at a time when businesses are increasingly seeing the value in technological transformation and continuous integration and deployment processes powered by machine learning analytics technology like Lightlytics’ offering. With this new round of funding, Lightlytics aims to further mould its platform so that DevOps teams get more real-time feedback on their systems’ performance while also helping them develop better predictive models regarding performance outcomes across different environments.

Lightlytics is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered platform that helps DevOps teams optimise their data to deliver higher quality software faster.

Benefits of the Funding

Lightlytics has secured $30M in funding to help DevOps teams operate cloud infrastructure quickly and confidently.

This injection of capital will benefit the company in a variety of ways and will allow them to expand their services and support to DevOps teams.

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Let’s take a look at how this funding will help Lightlytics and what it means for the future of the cloud infrastructure industry.

Expansion of Services and Support for DevOps Teams

By investing in expanding services and support for DevOps teams, Lightlytics will bring groundbreaking solutions that can increase visibility, improve collaboration, and save time and money for companies. In addition, we can hire experts who specialise in providing best-in-class monitoring of entire DevOps pipelines through the funding. We will also have the resources to invest in developing new technologies to automate monitoring processes and help manage information overload.

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Adding services and support for DevOps teams will enable us to provide tailored solutions according to customer requirements. Our experts will analyse individual needs based on project size, setup complexity, and other factors so that customers get the most appropriate type of DevOps pipeline and a solution that caters to their project’s scope. Expanding our services department is vital to helping customers maximise their potential at an affordable cost without compromising on quality or results.

Furthermore, our goal is not just providing solutions but helping customers improve their existing systems with better frameworks and performance optimization tools. To this end, we will also create access to knowledge databases filled with all the information necessary regarding best practices, organisational tips and tricks, and resources like white papers and videos that enable users to improve their understanding of specific aspects related to DevOps strategies. Consequently, customers will gain greater insights into how they can promote succession planning, measure return on investments (ROIs) from investing in our platforms, and identify opportunities for improvement within their system architecture by using our extensive professional services portfolio.

By investing in expanding services and support for DevOps teams, Lightlytics will bring groundbreaking solutions that can increase visibility, improve collaboration, and save time and money for companies.

Increased Speed and Confidence for Cloud Infrastructure Operations

The funding will enable Lightlytics to provide DevOps teams with the expertise, tools and time-saving services needed for cloud infrastructure operations. In addition, Lightlytics technology provides visibility into the operations of hybrid cloud infrastructures, helping prevent outages in complex multi-cloud environments designed for modern applications.

Lightlytics technology also speeds up development cycles by providing actionable insight that enables DevOps teams to optimise application performance without sacrificing reliability or scalability. In addition, this end-to-end DevOps solution supports superior collaboration between developers and IT operations managers, ensuring greater speed and efficiency in development cycles while driving down operating costs over the long term.

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In addition, Lightlytics services help increase confidence in cloud infrastructure operations by intelligently identifying problem areas before they become critical downtimes or impair customer experience, allowing DevOps teams to make proactive decisions to improve reliability and scalability and reduce costs associated with downtime and infrastructure maintenance and repair. With this improved visibility into cloud infrastructure operations come additional benefits such as faster deployment times, lower latency times and improved overall system performance.

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