What Problem Does Blockdaemon Solve?

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Blockdaemon is a service that helps developers and businesses streamline the process of creating and managing blockchain nodes. The platform was developed to support nodes on various distributed ledger technologies engineered for enterprises requiring reliable and secure infrastructure solutions.

The mission at Blockdaemon is to make blockchain infrastructure easier, faster and more secure for companies seeking to adopt in their respective use cases and industries. Through its cutting-edge technology, Blockdaemon is able to provide a unified experience, allowing users to configure, deploy, manage and monitor multiple nodes from one easy-to-use dashboard – providing a 360° solution for connecting enterprises to the world of blockchain technology.

By eliminating the complexity behind setting up blockchain networks and simplifying all aspects of node management into one cohesive interface, users can focus on creating actual products instead of figuring out their way around distributed ledger technology. Furthermore, with Blockdaemon’s platform working in the background, businesses can rest assured knowing they have access to high-performance networks securely connected through private transaction channels with robust monitoring solutions in place.

Blockdaemon is a service that helps developers and businesses streamline the process of creating and managing blockchain nodes.

What is Blockdaemon?

Blockdaemon is a managed blockchain-based technology solution platform that offers industry-leading software infrastructure for building and running decentralised applications (dApps). As a leading leader in the enterprise blockchain development market, Blockdaemon provides distributed ledger technologies (DLT) and infrastructure and integration services to help developers quickly launch, manage and deploy their decentralised applications (DApps).

Blockdaemon’s approach enables customers to adopt blockchain technology quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. From setup to monitoring and advanced analytics, Blockdaemon provides an automated service for deployments across major blockchains such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple and Hyperledger Fabric. In addition, with its easy-to-understand dashboard, the platform enables enterprises to rapidly launch multi-node clusters on private or public networks.

Blockdaemon’s mission is twofold: supporting the development of next generation distributed applications while delivering experienced support to customers during every stage of their endeavours. Primarily designed for DLT/blockchain technology experts, the Blockdaemon solution is fully automated from setup to monitoring so companies can focus on developing innovative use cases instead of managing application capacity. Additionally, because Blockdaemon applies an integrated system design methodology that allows deployment across Mainnet or testnets within minutes its open source blockchain tools help create data-, cost-, time-conscious DApp projects.

Blockdaemon Raises $28 Million In Series A Funding To Help Institutions Quickly and Securely Scale Blockchain Infrastructure

Blockdaemon is a powerful platform that allows institutions to quickly and securely scale their blockchain infrastructure.

Blockdaemon has raised $28 million in a Series A funding round to help institutions gain access to the necessary resources to facilitate blockchain deployment.

In this article, we’ll look at the specific problem that Blockdaemon solves and how it helps institutions and businesses manage their blockchain infrastructure.

Streamlining the Deployment of Nodes

Blockdaemon simplifies and accelerates the deployment process and eliminates the need to manage complex full node infrastructures. By allowing users to deploy and manage nodes efficiently, Blockdaemon streamlines the setup process while providing access to multi-cloud node infrastructure powered with bloXroute’s Layer-0 scalability solution.

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Blockdaemon alleviates the complexity of operating a node or nodes on complex blockchain networks. Instead of having users rely on different hosting providers or have to spin up AWS instances, blockchains can now streamline the deployment process with Blockdaemon’s proprietary platform. Users can easily deploy nodes from a list of available networks from one hosted dashboard with 24/7 support. Additionally, users also benefit from premium features like API monitoring of configuration changes and reliable configurations for blockchain nodes in dedicated hardware for maximum performance at competitive prices.

Beyond just setting up a robust node infrastructure, Blockdaemon also allows users to customise their setups for their own respective needs e.g., miners, custodians, validators, data lakes and more based on their requirements. This includes features like automatic network monitoring which will inform users if there is ever an issue with any component of their setup including connection problems or changes in network latency to prevent data loss within production environments.

Blockdaemon is a powerful platform that allows institutions to quickly and securely scale their blockchain infrastructure.

Securing Blockchain Networks

Blockdaemon is a blockchain infrastructure platform that helps users securely operate and manage their networks. The platform is powered by an open-source software system integrating various blockchain ecosystems – from the simplest to the most advanced decentralised applications. By leveraging this platform, users can securely configure, deploy and manage distributed ledger technology (DLT) networks with a simple dashboard interface. In addition, Blockdaemon ensures that these networks’ setup process, management and performance are free from any form of vulnerability or compromise.

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The platform provides enhanced security in both constructing and maintaining a network on any blockchain node. It automatically detects any potential threats, vulnerabilities or outages during a node’s creation process through its automated monitoring system. Aside from this, it also provides advanced encryption technologies to protect data stored within the nodes themselves – thus shielding it from potential malicious actors or hacks.

On top of all that, Blockdaemon supports multiple consensus mechanisms across several blockchains – allowing users to tailor their blockchain network environment as needed to suit their desired workloads/use cases/applications without compromising security or functionality. With such features combined with its easy-to-use user interface, Blockdaemon is an ideal choice for enterprises and developers alike in fulfilling their needs for secure and reliable DLT operations quickly and comprehensively.

Automating Node Maintenance

Blockdaemon provides an automated system to make managing blockchain nodes effortless and cost-effective. Blockdaemon simplifies setting up, maintaining, and scaling blockchain nodes by automating node maintenance and providing access to multiple networks.

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The automation provided by Blockdaemon helps minimise time spent on node maintenance tasks, so you can focus on more strategic activities.Our Node Tools feature also provides a suite of tools to control your nodes quickly and efficiently, as well as real-time monitoring capabilities for greater insight into what is happening in your network.

In addition to minimising manual labour for node management tasks, using an automated system can help reduce operational costs compared to manual or custom built solutions. Furthermore, further cost savings can be achieved through the pay-as-you-go structure with flexible scaling adjusted in near real-time.

Through automation, ease of use, and affordability without sacrificing performance or security, Blockdaemon delivers peace of mind when maintaining blockchain nodes reliably and effectively.

By leveraging this platform, users can securely configure, deploy and manage distributed ledger technology (DLT) networks with a simple dashboard interface.

Blockdaemon’s Series A Funding

Blockdaemon, a blockchain infrastructure startup, recently secured $7.8 million in Series A financing. This funding round was led by venture capital firm Notion Capital and supported by major investors such as Dawn Capital, Union Square Ventures, Slack Fund, and ConsenSys Ventures.

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Blockdaemon’s technology provides a standardised platform to simplify the deployment of blockchain nodes over multiple networks. It helps companies quickly build networks for deploying and managing credentials and assets on blockchains, streamlining the development process for decentralised applications (dapps) and enterprise-grade systems. The company also offers secure software products to enable businesses to securely manage private keys in digital asset transactions. This allows businesses to secure their credentials through backups and on-chain key control with auditing capabilities in place during ongoing operations.

Blockdaemon will use the new funding to meet its ambitious goals of onboarding 100 customers within the next three years and target global expansion in the Asia Pacific region with local teams taking off there soon. Blockdaemon had also previously raised $2 million back in 2018 from investors such as ConsenSys Labs before raising its first seed round later that same year of 2018, led by Notion Capital & Union Square Ventures among other investors too.

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