The MERV Advantage: How to Choose the Right Air Filter for Your HVAC System


If you want a comfortable and healthy living environment, having MERV filters installed in your HVAC is a must. MERV filters enrich the indoor air quality of your home as well as protect you from various diseases. Also, choosing the right air filter is very important, as using the wrong one can lead to increased power bills, reduced airflow, and inadequate filtration.

Few Types of MERV Filters

As plenty of MERV filters are available in the market, you might feel tempted to purchase the most powerful and high-rated filter possible. But only a higher-rated filter cannot fix all your problems. You need an air filter that is compatible with your HVAC and one that can cover your entire residence. Now let’s learn more about various MERV-rated filters:

MERV 1-6 Filters

Air filters with MERV ratings ranging from 1 to 6 are the lowest-rated MERV filters. Air filters in this range are cheaper than other filters, but that does not mean they are less efficient. These filters can trap particles between 0.3 to 10 microns.

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But the effectiveness is only 20%. These can remove spray paint dust, pollen, carpet fibers, etc. These are both inexpensive and energy-efficient and can be used in industrial spaces or smaller residences. But these filters are not recommended for people with weak immunity.

MERV 8-13 Filters

Filters in this range are considered higher-end filters for residential use. These high-quality filters are capable of capturing 20% to 85% of the pollutants in the air. These remove mold spores, cooking dust, pet dander, allergens, pollen, and other debris. Because of this, these filters are most suitable for people suffering from respiratory and allergy issues. These MERV filters are far better than lower-rated filters but also costlier and consume more power. All of these features make filters of this range perfect for your home.

MERV 14-20 Filters

The highest-rated MERV filters include commercial, ULPA, and HEPA filters. Filters of this range offer the maximal level of filtration. But these filters are not recommended for residential use. These MERV filters can protect you from bacteria and viruses. This superior level of filtration is done by blocking smoke, carbon dust, viruses, mold, bacteria, etc.

These can remove more than 90% of air pollutants. Because of this, these filters are most suitable for hospitals and laboratories as these places require the highest level of sanitation. But some downsides are these are pretty expensive and not energy efficient. Also, the filters get clogged easily and restrict the airflow of the HVAC.

Advantages of Using the Right MERV Filters

The advantages of using the right MERV filters are many. The right filter can help you lower your utility bills. Your home’s sanitation and cleanliness heavily depend on the quality of the air filter. As breathing clean air is important, you need to choose the air filter wisely.

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A good MERV filter can also protect you from lung diseases, allergy symptoms, and respiratory problems. So to ensure the highest comfort and health, finding the perfect air filter for your HVAC is vital.

Ways to Choose the Right Air Filter

The best and most efficient way to choose the right air filter for your HVAC is to find which type you need and which is most compatible with the system. Find out the size of filter you need, for example 17.25×29.25×1 air filters, 15×30.5×1 furnace filters. Then understand which type of MERV-rated filter you need for your suitable environment. Rather than going for higher-rated filters, find the filter that improves your living environment and enhances the air quality.


Finding the right HVAC filter can be confusing. If you need an air filter for residential use, you can choose MERV 8 air filters or MERV 13 HVAC filters if you live in a big house. Go for higher-rated ones if you need filters for hospitals or laboratories. You can buy your desired HVAC filters from our website Simply Filters, a trusted air filter supplier that sells air filters nationwide. You can find any size or type of filter that are convenient for you there.

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