How To Convert Feet And Inches To Centimeters

5'6 in cm

Have you ever wondered how many cm is 5’7 inches? Or the opposite, how many inches is 5’7 cm? I bet you have. So welcome to today’s lesson!

This time we’re going to learn about how to convert inches to centimeters, and centimeters to inches. While this may seem like a rather basic thing to know, let’s be honest – the last time we had to do this was during some long-forgotten math class decades ago. Ancient history!

So the brain sometimes needs some help and refreshment.

The help often comes in the form of online (or offline) calculators, which are super easy to use. You just input the values, set the relevant unit names you want to convert from, and to, and voila, the computer spits out the correct result! 

The refreshment though, takes a different shape: by learning how to actually do the math on your own. We promise, it’s easier than it sounds. But let’s start with some practical examples first.

how many cm is 5'6

How Many Cm Is 5’9?

Consider the following scenario. Say, maybe you’re a 5’9 tall American dude visiting Europe. You decided to set up your Tinder dating profile but guess what? Is a man really of a certain height if no one understands how much 5’9 is?

Almost no one in Europe understands what those inches and feet mean!

So off you go, frantically googling stuff like “what is 6 ft to cm” (you, ahem, added a bit there for confidence purposes) and scrambling to find a way to do some quick calculations so your dating life doesn’t turn into one huge mathematical misunderstanding. 

Or, what if you match with a girl and her bio says she is 163cm tall. Just how tall is that, in American terms? So off you go again, googling “163cm to inches.”

Anyway, you get the point! Now down to the basics.

Unit conversion is used when you need to understand how different units of measurement relate to one another.

How Many Centimeters In a Foot?

All right, so in order to be able to do these quick conversions on your own, you’ll need to know the basic 1:1 ratio between the different units of measurement. This time, we are comparing, and converting between feet and centimeters.

Feet: This Imperial unit is generally used to measure height. Such as the height of a person, a building, the height of a tree and so on.

But how does the foot compare to the centimeter? 

Well, one foot is equal to 30.48 centimeters.

Or in short:

1 foot = 30.48 cm

It then follows that:

10 feet = 304.8 cm

5 6 in cm

Remember, foot is the singular form of feet.

So let’s say we have a friend called Roger. Roger is American and he says he’s 6 feet tall. What is that in centimeters? There are two ways to find out.

We either google “6ft to cm” and we get the correct result, or, we do some quick math in our head, for the potentially incorrect but mostly right result. So, we multiply 6 feet by 30.48 centimeters, and we get 182.88 centimeters.

Or in other words, Roger is about 182.88 cm tall, or we can round that up to him being roughly 183 cm tall. Which corresponds to 6 ft.

But wait a minute. Americans also have a thing they call an inch! Or plural form, inches. Now what is that?

How Many Centimeters In A Single Inch?

Well, let’s begin by this: one foot is equal to 12 inches. Or, there are 12 inches in a single foot:

1 ft = 12 in

But what is the relation between inches and centimeters? 

Well, 1 centimeter is equal to 0.393701 inches. Conversely, one inch is equal to  2.54 centimeters. 

A quick way to convert inches into centimeters is to multiply the inches by 2.5. For example, you may have a ruler that’s 10 inches long, which would correspond to roughly 25 centimeters in length.

If you wish to convert centimeters to inches on the other hand, your best bet is to divide it by the same value of 2.5. For example, if there’s a banana that’s 14 cm long, and you want to figure out how many inches is that, just divide 14 by 2.5 and you’ll arrive at a rough estimate (around 5.5 inches.) 

Sounds a bit tiresome? We can’t blame you. Best to use a calculator.

5'5 in inches

What Is Unit Conversion, Actually?

Unit conversion is used when you need to understand how different units of measurement relate to one another. Let’s illustrate this with a short story.

Your wife bought a gallon of milk the other day, but you’re Italian – you don’t do ‘gallons.’ In fact, dealing with gallons is slightly offensive to you, as you feel that the metric system is vastly superior. You use liters. Like everyone else on planet Earth, except for this one nation in particular.

But anyway, you still need to know just how many liters of milk this small plastic barrel contains. The label says it contains 1 gallon of milk, but it feels heavy for the number 1. Hmm.

So like any normal human being, you pull out your phone and open the Unit Conversion tab of its calculator. You choose “Liquids” and then select “Gallon” to “Liter” and you enter 1. The phone chimes:

1 gallon is equal to a whopping 3.78 liters of milk.

1 liter is equal to 0.26 gallons of milk.

You stand back, a little dazed. The small barrel of milk, containing just 1 gallon, is indeed a small barrel! Mamma mia, everything is really bigger in America!

I hope this example was instructive. But back to the task at hand: converting inches into feet, and both of those into centimeters.

5'6 to cm

Converting Feet Into Centimeters

If your brain is already fatigued, we recommend just using a calculator. 

Most unit conversion calculators contain almost all known units to mankind, and switching between them is easy. The different units are often categorized in different groups such as “volume units”, “length units”, “time units” and so on.

For the purposes of converting centimeters to feet and inches, and feet and inches into centimeters, you’ll need to select the “length units” in your unit conversion calculator.

Then, you need to select feet to centimeters. The unit feet is represented by the “ft” abbreviation and the centimeter is represented by “cm”. The centimeter is considered a part of the metric system and is used in the International System of units. The measurement units called feet and inches are used in the US customary measurement system. 

As we explained previously, one foot is approximately equal to 30.48 centimeters, or:

1 ft = 30.48 cm

So, if you need to convert 5 ft to cm, for example, the logic is as follows:

We know that 1 ft = 30.48 cm

So 5 ft = 5 x 30.48 cm

5 ft = 152.4 cm.

Therefore, the conversion of 5 feet to the centimeter is 152.4 cm.

Of course, the calculator does this automatically and in a picosecond.

5 ft 6 in cm

For the purposes of converting centimeters to feet and inches, and feet and inches into centimeters, you’ll need to select the “length units” in your unit conversion calculator.

Converting Feet and Inches into Centimeters

But before we get ahead of ourselves, we need to remember that each foot contains 12 inches. So the conversion isn’t always straightforward as “how much is 4 ft to centimeters.” You’ll often encounter examples such as 7 foot and 11 inches, and you’ll need to be able to convert that into centimeters.

So how does one approach this? Does one divide the feet value with the centimeters first, or vice versa?

Well, it’s actually easier than it sounds. Just convert the feet into inches, then convert those into centimeters.

Or in other words, to convert feet and inches into centimeters, we have to convert the ft value completely into inches and then convert it into cm.

We know that 1 foot = 12 inches. So, if we multiply 12 inches by 2.54, we will get the value of length in centimeters. See some examples of human heights converted into centimeters in this handy chart below:

  • 5 feet 1 inches in cm = [(5×12)+1] x 2.54 = 61 x 2.54 = 154.94 cm
  • 5 feet 2 inches in cm = [(5×12)+2] x 2.54 = 62 x 2.54 = 157.48 cm
  • 5 feet 3 inches in cm = [(5×12)+3] x 2.54 = 63 x 2.54 = 160.02 cm
  • 5 feet 4 inches in cm = [(5×12)+4] x 2.54 = 64 x 2.54 = 162.56 cm
  • 5 feet 5 inches in cm = [(5×12)+5] x 2.54 = 65 x 2.54 = 165.1 cm
  • 5 feet 6 inches in cm = [(5×12)+6] x 2.54 = 66 x 2.54 = 167.64 cm
  • 5 feet 7 inches in cm = [(5×12)+7] x 2.54 = 67 x 2.54 = 170.18 cm
  • 5 feet 8 inches in cm = [(5×12)+8] x 2.54 = 68 x 2.54 = 172.72 cm
  • 5 feet 9 inches in cm = [(5×12)+9] x 2.54 = 69 x 2.54 = 175.26 cm
  • 5 feet 10 inches in cm = [(5×12)+10] x 2.54 = 70 x 2.54 = 177.8 cm

We can follow the same operation to solve all unit conversion problems. For now, here’s a simple table which can be helpful as a rule of thumb. But for more precise calculations, use cases, and practical examples, refer to the section after the table.

5ft 9 in cm

Feet Into Centimeters Conversion Table

The following is a basic conversion table for converting feet to centimeter:

Feet (ft)Centimeter (cm)
1 ft30.48 cm
2 ft60.96 cm
3 ft91.44 cm
4 ft121.92 cm
5 ft152.4 cm
6 ft182.88 cm
7 ft213.36 cm
8 ft243.84 cm
9 ft274.32 cm
10 ft304.8 cm

Solved Questions and Practical Examples

In this section, we will go through a number of the most frequently asked questions by our audience, and provide the answers for each of the conversion questions. 

How much is 5 6 in cm?

Answer: 167.6 cm

How many cm is 5’6?

Answer: 167.6 cm

How many cm is 5’7?

Answer: 173.7 cm

How many cm is 5’5?

Answer: 165 cm

How much is 6 ft to cm?

Answer: 182.8 cm

How many cm is 5’4?

Answer: 162.5 cm

How many cm is 5’2?

Answer: 157.48 cm

How much is 5’6 to cm?

Answer: 167.6 cm

How many cm is 5’9

Answer: 175.2 cm

How much is 5’6 in cm?

Answer: 167.6 cm

How many cm is 5’8

Answer: 172.7 cm

5'6 in meters

How many cm is 5’3?

Answer: 160 cm

How many inches is 5’7?

Answer: 67 inches

How many inches is 5’5?

Answer: 65 inches

How many inches is 5’2?

Answer: 62 inches

How many inches is 5’3?

Answer: 63 inches

See Also

How many inches is 5’9?

Answer: 69 inches

How many inches is 5’6?

Answer: 66 inches

How many inches is 5’10?

Answer: 70 inches

How many inches is 5’1?

Answer: 61 inches

How many inches is 5’8?

Answer: 68 inches

How many feet is 70 in?

Answer: 5.83 feet

How much is 5’3 in inches in cm?

Answer: 5’3 is 63 inches and that’s 160 cm

6 ft to cm

How tall is 5’3 in cm?

Answer: 160 cm tall

How much is 5ft 9 in cm?

Answer: 175.2 cm

What is 5’4 in inches?

Answer: 64 inches

How many inches is 9 ft?

Answer: 108 inches

How many centimeters is 5 1?

Answer: 154.9 cm

How tall is 61 inches in feet?

Answer: 5.08 feet

How tall is 67 inches in feet?

Answer: 5.58 feet

How much is 5 foot 6 inches in inches?

Answer: 66 inches

How many feet is 67 inches?

Answer: 5.58 feet

How tall is 5’6 in cm?

Answer: 167.6 cm

How tall is 5’7 in cm?

Answer: 170.1 cm

How tall is 5’4 in cm?

Answer: 162.5 cm

how many cm is 5'3

What is human height 5.6 ft to centimeters?

Answer: 167.6 cm

How tall is 5’5 in cm?

Answer: 165.1 cm

How much is 170cm to inches and feet?

Answer: 170cm is equal to 66.9 inches, or 5’69 feet.

What is 5’9 to inches?

Answer: 69 inches

5’10 feet in inches

Answer: 70 inches

What is 163cm to inches?

Answer: 64.1 inches

What is 5’5 in inches?

Answer: 65 inches

What is 6 ft in centimeter?

Answer: 182.8 cm

What is 5 ft 6 in cm?

Answer: 167.6 cm

How tall is 5’1 in cm?

Answer: 154.9 cm

What is 5’6 in meters?

Answer: 1.67 meters

How many feet is 4 meters?

Answer: 13.1 feet

How many inches is 3 ft?

Answer: 36 inches

How much is 5 foot 11 in inches?

Answer: 71 inches

5'6 in meters

Frequently Asked Questions About Converting Feet to Centimeters

How to Convert feet to cm?

To convert feet to cm, just multiply the feet value by 30.48, and you will get the cm value. For example 5 ft = 5 x 30.48, we get 152.4 cm.

How Many cm in 1 ft?

1 ft is equal to 30.48 cm.

How Many Centimeters in 10 ft?

In order to figure this out, we need to multiply 30.48 cm by 10 feet. The resulting centimeter value is 304.8 cm. In other words, there are 304.8 centimeters in 10 feet; or, there are 10 feet in 304.8 centimeters.


For most people, converting different units of measurement is a very useful, if a bit unconventional task. Yet for others it’s an integral part of their job. Regardless of your situation, we hope this article was useful in helping you convert feet and inches into centimeters on the fly, and answered many questions you may have had.

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