The Most Profitable EU Residence by Investment Programs

EU countries are a tidbit for a person dreaming of moving or buying real estate in one of the desirable powers. Cosmopolitan citizens need to know the conditions for obtaining the political and legal binding of different lands and, accordingly, to choose the most suitable option for themselves. Although the countries differ in the conditions for obtaining the main document, they have something in common – visa-free entry into the Schengen area and a minimum of five years to retain the property after its acquisition.

The most popular way to get into Europe now, in addition to long-term residency, is residence by investment programs. It can be done as a one-time contribution to a development fund, company, bonds, etc. Let’s look at the five best programs which help choose one or another power.

Why Get a “Golden Visa,” and What does this Imply?

When choosing your future home, you compare all the pros and cons, looking for the most convenient and profitable option for the whole family. In this regard, we have chosen the top five RP, which, according to Elena Ruda (agency Immigrant Invest), allow you to save money and quickly make passports for all relatives you want to take with you. And after processing, all that remains is to enjoy the privileges of the European place where you will live and enjoy the natural scenery.

The golden visa can be called anything – European residence permit, visa-free entry for a cosmopolitan… All of these are characterized by the same thing – a pass to the EU territory and the possibility to carry out any activity there. With this pass, you can move and settle in one of the European areas, taking advantage of all the benefits offered by the government. However, it does not guarantee instant citizenship, as a personal document is processed only after residence in the state’s territory. And for each country, this is a different period set by law.

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Among the benefits of EU residence, it is worth noting the following:

1. New opportunities open after the registration of a second document in addition to the native one. It is a change of location and, as a consequence, lifestyle, moral priorities, quality of life, and values of the person.

2. A backup, as a safety net, because you never know how life will turn out. Perhaps an additional place of residence will come in handy when immigration in a safe haven from serious problems will be necessary. And this housing will be present on a legal basis.

3. Traveling through countries without restrictions. You can travel around the entire European continent, changing directions time after time and enjoying the freedom of movement.

A golden “access” is issued quickly but requires renewal. The delays and the requirements are different for each area of the EU, but most often, after five years, it is necessary to renew the documents.

Residence by Investment Programs in Europe

Many countries offer their own conditions for foreigners, such as Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Latvia, and others. Which residency to choose is a matter of taste and financial possibilities. We have compiled a list of low-cost options for investment.

Among the top of the best residences are:

1. Malta Permanent Residency Program (MPRP).

2. Golden visa for Greece in real estate.

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3. Portugal Pass for Highly Qualified Specialists (HQA).

4. Portugal visa in the field of cultural production.

5. Residence in Spain.

Let’s consider the advantages of EU investment residency in the example of two countries – Malta and Portugal. The cost of investment in a Maltese residence starts from 100 thousand euros. It is a reasonable amount, which will allow the resident, without unnecessary nerves, to obtain the documentation for themselves and their families and move into a beautiful open-air museum. Malta – is a tiny but desirable country for a quiet and measured life, equipped with both cultural and technological, well-developed medical and educational fields.

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There is nothing easier than to sell your property, land, or business in your homeland and purchase a place of permanent residence in return. It is an investment in your future in Malta. After living on the island for a year, you can apply for a Maltese passport. “Portugal Golden Visa” was one of the first systems launched in 2012. Today, prices have risen sharply by 37%. The Portuguese EU residency programs not only saved the real estate market but also raised funds for a country that once suffered from high unemployment and an economy spiraling out of control.

So, the cosmopolitan needs to invest in that part of the economy, provided for by the conditions of a particular state, to get a golden visa. Then, after reviewing the documents and confirming your trustworthiness, you can use two passports at once and travel around the Schengen area. If you are a member of the investment program, you will have great opportunities for self-development and a new lifestyle.

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