The Rare Types of Bonuses Available in Online Casinos


In the real world, the casino offers music, games, lights, and the adrenaline rush to win money. With online casinos gaining popularity, people have started to make the shift quite fast. The comfort of home and a device with the internet is all that they need to feel the rush. But even then, to keep the people pouring in and invest more, the industry has started to create rare bonuses and rewards. Some even have special Canadian betting offers for existing and new customers, with free bets, and price boosts.

These attract the attention as well as help the players with their budget. Some of the rare types of bonuses are :

  • No Deposit Bonus – This is a very rare bonus available on online casinos, this is a bonus that players try to grab. No-deposit reward earned without players putting their money into the casino. This reward expects the players to create accounts for which they have to pay a small amount and gain a high content of games. 
  • Match Bonus – The other sort out reward is the match bonus where the casino matches the amount of money invested by the player into their account. There is a limit to how much is paired and is typically up to 100%. Say if a player invests $50, the casino will double the amount. In some rare cases, and also depends on sites, where up to 400% matches. Hence you earn a profit. 
  • Percentage Bonus – This is quite similar to the match bonus where the casino invests percentage wise investment and sits typically at 50%. 
  • Time Bonus – The reward not based on investment from your end; instead, the casino provides you money and an opportunity to test new games. The catch is that they offer you a time constraint until you can utilize the funds, and by the end of the deadline, you can keep the amount you earned and get to explore games. 
  • Risk-Free Bonus – This bonus is hardly rewarded to the players; this bonus means that you don’t need to risk earning a profit. The bonus requires you to pay a deposit, say $40, and play as much as you want without risking your earnings, money, or time. Once you reach $0 in your account, you email the site, and the amount is refunded. So if you want to deposit the money into your account, you can, or it’s yours to keep. This reward can be availed only once. 
  • Cashback – This bonus is also very rare. You can play and invest in a game, and what every you lose is returned to you. The catch is that its time-bound, and after that, you will not be able to refund your losses. 
  • Loyalty Bonus – This reward, awarded to those players who have been using the site regularly and been playing for quite some time. This bonus would depend on websites, and some might give you cashback or provide you with free access to gaming content. 

Final Thoughts 

It is not difficult to earn these rewards rather challenging to choose between the options laid in front of you. These attract customers and keep the players hooked to the virtual casinos. 

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