The Treats For Mind And Body When You’re A Stressed Parent

Stressed Parent

We all get to that point where we think we can’t take anymore! Being a parent can mean that we are stretched beyond our capabilities. And when we get onto the conveyor belt of life and routine which we have to keep up for the sake of our children, this pressure can get to the best of us. When we feel so stressed we can feel that we don’t matter- that we are there purely for the benefit of everyone else. But this means that after a while even we start to take ourselves for granted. So we don’t look after ourselves as much and we definitely don’t treat ourselves! What are the best ways to give you some self-love when you are a stressed and busy parent?

An End Of Month Treat

We all feel that the end of the month warrants some reward. It’s easy when we’ve gone through a rough time to treat ourselves to some Goyard products or that handbag we’ve been lusting after for a while! Treating yourself at the end of the month can ease you into the next month but it’s also where you’re giving yourself a pat on the back. We can spend a lot of time worrying about our finances and ask ourselves if it’s worth it, but if you’ve been investing so much in your children’s gifts and donations for school, it’s safe to say that you have earned something for yourself!

Focus On Mindfulness

Some people don’t care much for worldly possessions which is fine. If you feel stressed take the opportunity to go inwards. Being mindful is a way to look at your stresses and break them down. Realizing that these symptoms can disappear can give us clarity to continue with our lives. When we feel bound by numerous precious all we’ve got to earn a certain amount of money so our children can eat we naturally start to neglect our happiness. Becoming mindful is about that little practice every day so you can regain perspective. It doesn’t have to be as stressful as you think it is. Stress is all about the person rather than the situation.

Schedule Alone Time

When the children running around making noises we may feel that we just need 10 minutes of peace and quiet. This could be all you need to rejuvenate yourself but imagine what it would be like if you had 10 minutes of peace and quiet every single day! Scheduling some alone time, even if it is just for 10 minutes, it could be all you need to quieten down those negative thoughts and get you back on track. Alone time doesn’t have to be at home you can go out for a nice quiet walk get yourself out into the fresh air. You may even think about ways to become fit and healthy and go to a gym. It’s the perfect way to make the most of alone time but with a goal that you can work towards.

Plan An Amazing Getaway

When we are on the treadmill of life and everything has to be prepared, from the kids’ lunches to paying those bills on time, we need to break the routine. Planning an amazing getaway gives us the opportunity to look forward to something but it’s also getting us out of our daily rut. Getting away is another way to regain perspective on your life. When you step away from the situation you might come to the conclusion that you’ve been too stressed or you’ve been overreacting. It’s natural when we’re in those pressure-cooker situations to feel overly anxious. Taking the opportunity to relax by the pool will rejuvenate you but it will clear your head.

Write Out Your Stresses

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When there is too much to do, having a brain dump allows you to get your thoughts on paper. When we feel stressed it’s cathartic to see what we’re actually thinking on a piece of paper. We can see how ridiculous that thought is or by bringing it out of our heads, it gives us a better opportunity to tackle the problem. A problem shared is a problem halved, and if you don’t have anybody to discuss your worries with, writing them all down on paper is the ideal way for you to regain perspective during a stressful situation. It can also help with making important decisions. Having a notepad next to your bed gives you the opportunity to write the pros and cons of a specific problem. When you wake up the next morning you will likely have the answer. This is because the subconscious has gone to work during your sleep. A notepad by the bed is a worthy investment. 

Practicing Gratitude

There are numerous gratitude apps out there now. Gratitude is a way for you to see the positives of any negative situation. At the end of every day, if you can list three things that you are grateful for, you will be able to see the positive. Practicing gratitude can also help you to practice forgiveness. Sometimes we can carry stresses that have weighed heavily on us for years. Whether we have been in a bad relationship or we don’t see the positive in much anymore, learning to practice gratitude helps to retrain our brains. If we struggle to see the positive in anything because we’re so focused on giving everything to our children, practicing gratitude is such a small thing that you can do that after a while it becomes the perfect way to feel more at ease.  

It’s a little thing to treat yourself but we can feel that we don’t deserve a treat if we’re going through a stressful time or we need to show people that we can function by ourselves. Being a parent means that you will feel anxious on occasion or pushed to your limits. But this is why you have to put the focus back onto yourself. Treating yourself doesn’t have to be about a major blow out so you have a raging hangover the next day; they can be little things that refocus your perspective and make you happier so you can be a better parent. You may think that you are a great parent because you are enduring the difficulties but if you are a happier parent your skills will improve even more. 


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