Three Tools to Make the Big Jobs seem much Smaller


If a DIY job is looking daunting, it could just be that you haven’t got the right tools for the job. It’s always better to invest in some new tools than waste hours of your time carrying out a job in the most impractical way. Here are three tools to help the big jobs seem much smaller.  

An automatic welder

Whether it’s two thin pieces that make up a piece of artwork or two thick pieces that make up a much stronger structure, one of the hardest things any amateur builder can face is how to join metal together. You could try drilling a hole in both of the parts and threating a nut and bolt between them, but there are many disadvantages to this method. Not only does it look untidy, but if the nut loosens overtime the whole structure could also fall apart. Instead, use a welding iron to join any two pieces of metal together. You might think that welding takes a lot of skill and training, but you can now purchase an automatic welding machine that will do most of the hard work for you. These tools will hold the two pieces of metal together tightly and then create a slick join between them which will be almost impossible to break. 

A wallpaper steamer

Whilst a piece of wallpaper went up in one piece, it’s highly unlikely that it’ll come down in one piece. It could take hours to manually scrape and pull off even one roll of wallpaper. If it’s been up on the wall for years, you could find you only manage to take it off in small pieces not much bigger than an inch. The sad reality is you won’t be able to wallpaper the wall with your new print until every single piece of the old print is off the wall, as even the smallest of pieces leftover could cause an unsightly bulge in the new paper. To speed up the process, buy a wallpaper steamer to loosen up the paper. The water vapour not only softens the paper but helps reverse the strong hold of the glue attaching it to the wall. This will speed up the process, but also take a lot less elbow grease to clear a wall. 

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An electric sander 

You might think all it takes to make a piece of old wooden furniture look brand new is to give it a new lick of paint. Unfortunately, the hardest part is often removing the old paint or varnish that’s already on the piece, before you can start adding anything new onto it. You might think it’s enough to just rub the piece gently with a piece of sandpaper. However, if you don’t get into every nook and cranny and leave even the smallest of patches of existing paint or varnish, you could find that the new paint will chip off as soon as it’s dry. To speed up the process and make sure you sand the piece well enough for the new paint to stick, buy an electric sander. They come in all shapes and sizes, including a small “mouse” design which will fit into even the smallest of nooks.

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