Tips For A Better Sleep – Lifestyle Changes

Tips For A Better Sleep – Lifestyle Changes

Sometimes simple steps such as changing lifestyle habits will improve a person’s sleep and help eliminate conditions such as insomnia. Therefore, if you are looking to change your lifestyle, here are a few suggestions:

  • Limit day napping
  • Create time to either listen to soothing music, read, or taking a warm bath in order to relax. Make it a habit when preparing for sleep.
  • Avoid eating heavy meals before bed
  • Turn off screens at least one hour before you go to bed (such as smartphone, tablets, and TV)
  • Avoid or limit caffeine or alcohol consumption, especially in the evening
  • Make your bedroom as comfortable as possible (having clean sheets, making the bed every day, and maintaining a comfortable temperature). Don’t put off getting a new mattress, take a look at American Freight mattress reviews
  • Limit fluid intake, even water so that you can avoid waking up at night to go to the bathroom
  • Regular exercises or physical work will help everyday

If you were already asleep but woke up – and for about 20 minutes; you are unable to get back to sleep; you should consider reading something relaxing. 

Consider Seeing A Professional For Persistent Insomnia

Those suffering from insomnia, which is not going away even after changing their lifestyle should consider seeking professional help. These are people who often take long for them to sleep (about 45 minutes to 1 hour), wake up frequently during the night, or feel tired every day even after getting the opportunity to sleep.

Therefore, if you are getting these signs more than a few weeks, even after habit change, you should consider seeing a sleep specialist. They are in a better position to help you identify the problem as well as help you address them. 

However, first, you should expect to be asked a few questions before conducting a series of tests. For every question they ask, you should provide detailed and accurate information to your level best. Examples of the question will include the following:

  • The time you go to bed
  • The things you do before going to bed
  • The number of times you wake up at night
  • The time it takes you to fall asleep
  • How lack of sleep affects your everyday functioning

CBT therapy is going to be used, which is a form of talk therapy. You are going to be taught on how to improve sleep environment, relaxation techniques, stress reduction techniques, sleep management, and schedule.

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CBT is very safe and effective at improving sleep. It is important to address your insomnia; otherwise, with time, it will lead to depression, lack of interest in activities, inability to carry out daily tasks, memory, and attention problems. All of this will lead to a poor quality of life.

Always take charge when it comes to your sleep and make it your priority. Doing this will help you enjoy various health benefits.


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