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Many construction companies have been registered in Texas, working on the creation of entire complexes of apartments, townhouses, and detached houses. In 2020, several new developers also appeared. But since the choice is excellent, people looking to rent a home should take seriously evaluating all the options. One of the most important criteria is the building area. If there is a metro station next to a residential complex, this significantly increases the rating of the city.

When it comes to building your own home, the responsibility increases significantly. In this case, there are many factors to consider. Among them:

  •  The reputation of the developer; 
  •  Completed objects of the developer company; 
  •  How long has this company been in the real estate market; 
  •  The area in which the building was built. 

It is also important whether you are going to buy an apartment in a separate building, or it will be a whole complex. Also, you should consider which banks and insurance companies the developer works with. If the house is not ready yet, ask who will be the building contractor.

At, job seekers will be able to see the best deals from leading developers. The two main competitors are Dr. Horton, who received nearly 6,000 new construction permits alone in early 2020. Among these permits, almost a thousand homes will be built in the vicinity of the metro. The second most popular developer has nearly 500 building permits in Texas. More information is available at

Let’s take a look at the most promising neighborhoods in different cities in the state and the benefits of living in them.

 The best home builders in Houston

Houston’s city attracts developers with a large number of free sites within walking distance from the metro. The best home contractors in Texas usually work in multiple ports at the same time. There are almost 300 public development companies officially in Houston. Judging by the number of licenses issued by HBW to start construction in 2020, the companies’ rating is as follows:

  •  Dr. Horton – 382; 
  •  Lennar Homes – 176; 
  •  Perry Homes – 154. 

The best builders in Dallas

This city is smaller than the previous one, but this does not stop serious developers. Among them, the leaders are:

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  •  Dr. Horton – 468; 
  •  Lennar Homes – 79; 
  •  Mountain Houses – 70. 

The best home builders in Austin

You’ve probably heard how actively medium and small towns are being built up now. Project companies in 2020 did not make exceptions, which affected our rating:

  •  Dr. Horton – 128; 
  •  Lennar Homes – 107; 
  •  Pulte Homes – 63. 

Top-rated homes builders in San Antonio Texas

Small calm cities with a cozy climate still attract people for temporary or permanent residence. Construction companies take advantage of this and do not stop there. The best companies ranking is based on the number of construction permits obtained from HBW:

  •  Lennar Homes – 74; 
  •  Continental Texas Homes – 57; 
  •  Meritage Homes – 35; 
  •  Pulte Homes – 28; 
  •  KB Homes – 26. 

How to choose the best home builder in Texas?

Contacting iNewHomes is the fastest and most reliable way to find a comfortable home for rent or purchase. We work with top builders  and will be happy to help you establish mutually beneficial cooperation. Our specialists have access to the HBW database. Therefore, you will be able to see particular notifications on the latest developments in residential and commercial development in Texas and other states. The experience of our specialists will help each client to narrow down the range of proposals. Thus, the buyer or tenant can only concentrate on viewing the most suitable options.

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