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Microsoft MTA Certification

Microsoft MTA Certification:  Top Websites for Practice Test & Exam Prep Resources

Without a doubt, IT certification gives you a huge advantage in the labor market. Moreover, if you possess the certification from a leading vendor, you become a desirable employee for any organization. When we talk about IT certifications, the first name that comes to mind is Microsoft. This vendor provides numerous IT credentials for specialists all over the world.

In this article, we will discuss the Microsoft 98-364 certification exam, also known as Database Fundamentals. This exam leads to the entry-level MTA certification. The test is designed to help the candidates to understand the core theories of the database management and its administration. 98-364 test is highly recommended for the professionals who want to pursue a career in the areas of the management and administration of the database in the IT field. By going through the certification process, the individual will develop the knowledge and skills required to work with the Microsoft SQL Server database management system.

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Fundamental Concepts of the Microsoft 98-364 Certification Exam

  • Fundamentals of System Administrators
  • Fundamentals of Windows Database
  • Fundamentals of Windows Development
  • Fundamentals of Software Development
  • Fundamentals of Networking
  • Fundamentals of Database
  • Fundamentals of Security

In addition to these topics, the certification contents also cover a complete understanding of the manipulation of data, data storage, database administration, and database objects.

Overview of the Microsoft 98-364 Certification Exam

The certification exam consists of about 40-60 questions and a total of 50-75 minutes is allotted to complete this test. The format of the questions is majorly multiple-choice. To pass the exam, the candidate is expected to score at least 70% of the total scores. The test can be accessed in various languages, including English, Portuguese, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Korean, German, Japanese, Russian, and Italian. Topics covered in the 98-364 exam include the understanding of core database concepts, database administration, understanding of data storage, and manipulation of data. The Database Fundamentals exam is designed to help the candidates to understand different elements of manipulation of data, core database concepts, and many more. The certification content is designed to help you pass the test, as well as function optimally in a real-life scenario.

Tips for Passing the Microsoft 98-364 Certification Exam

Many professionals have written the exam and have passed it on their first attempt. With the right resources, you can make the best of your preparation and achieve the same remarkable results. It is important to point out that the exam is not an easy walkthrough, especially if you have not taken the time to study and prepare for it. If you are interested in writing and passing the test on the first try, it is important to have a strategic preparation plan. To help you in your preparation, you can utilize the tips highlighted in this article.

  • Read the Exam Objectives

Knowing the exam objectives will definitely make it easy to study. With the right knowledge of what to focus your study on, you can streamline your search for resource materials and concentrate on the specific areas that play a major role in passing the certification test. The exam objectives and skills tested usually come with a specific percentage to show the weight of topics. By knowing the percentage of each topic, you can know how to plan your time in preparing for the test and identify the areas to pay more attention to.

  • Develop Mastery of Skills Needed for Passing the Exam

You have to go beyond learning the theoretical part of the exam. Really, the level of information you have on a specific body of knowledge doesn’t matter without hands-on experience. There is no way you will be able to deliver an appropriate level of service in a real-life scenario. It is important that you master the skills that you need to deliver before passing the test. To pass the Microsoft 98-364 exam effectively, it is required that you experiment with a lab to be able to boost your hands-on skills on the area. You can get a PC system that you are not using and then disassemble it and rebuild it, focusing on the specific areas that concern your exam. This will equip you with the skills you need to pass the test as well as be successful at your role in your workplace. Ensure that you don’t use a PC system that you are using for your lab experience.

  • Review of Resource Materials

There are various resource materials and practice tests that you can explore in the preparation for the exam. Many online platforms offer free training courses and paid subscriptions.


You can check these courses to build your knowledge and skills for the test. There are many books that are recommended for this exam, and you can take advantage of them in your preparation. Check through the certification page to learn more about the books recommended for your test. It is essential to go through all the resources within your reach and cover all the topics areas of the certification exam before your scheduled date. Some courses that you can consider in preparation for your test include the following:

  • Microsoft 98-364 – Database Administration Fundamentals: The Student Study Guide
  • Microsoft 98-364 – Database Fundamentals e-Learning Training Course from PrepAway

Other resources include:

  • Exam 98-364 MTA Database Administration Fundamentals
  • Microsoft 98-364 Exam: Database Fundamentals (Kindle Edition)

Before you attempt the test, it is crucial that you go through different practice tests from PrepAway. Solve the questions and note the areas you find difficult. Go back to the resource materials you are studying and do more study on the difficult areas. There are numerous platforms online where you can access practice test questions for your certification test. This will help you enhance your ability to answer the questions, as well as evaluate your preparedness for the real exam. Taking practice questions will help you understand the exam pattern and the kind of questions used in the test. The more practice questions you attempt, the more you build your confidence towards the test.

How else can you get certified?

If you want to obtain MTA certification, you are required to pass one exam. You can either pass the 98-364 test or choose one of the exams described below.

98-349: Windows Operating System Fundamentals exam will help you to learn everything about operating system maintenance and configuration.

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With 98-375: HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals you will be able to understand the principles of UI building, coding with JavaScript, and application lifecycle management.

Exam 98-365: Windows Server Administration Fundamentals will help you to learn the basics of server maintenance and installation.

With 98-366: Networking Fundamentals exam you will be able to understand the concepts of network infrastructure and learn how to work with services and protocols.


With the right resource materials and a good attitude to your preparation, you can achieve a lot while studying for your certification. After taking the time to study, the next thing is to write the exam. Remember that is very important to relax, don’t be anxious during the test and you will pass it with success.

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