Transform Your Bedroom into a Relaxing Sleep Haven

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When we say the word ‘sleep haven,’ what is it that comes to mind? Is it a spa with a luxurious bed? A mattress shop? Some dreamy, far-away perfect bedroom that you can only wish to have?

If any of these are the case, then – sorry to break it to you – you’ve got a problem, because your bedroom should always be your own personal sleep haven.

A lot of people face sleep problems every night simply because they don’t have a comfortable environment to get some shut-eye. This can lead to them taking sleeping pills or undertaking excessive exercise routines in an effort to rid themselves of unnecessary insomnia.

Unfortunately, while these solutions may remedy the problem, you won’t be able to get a full, healthy night’s sleep until you’ve developed a comfortable area to sleep in.

Today we’re going to outline some of the most popular and effective tips for changing your bedroom from simply being ‘that place that you rest,’ into ‘the most relaxing sleep haven you’ve ever seen.

Get a comfortable mattress

This is a bit trickier than it might sound. If someone asks you if your mattress is comfortable, I’m sure you’ll say yes (unless you’re in between beds). If your mattress wasn’t comfortable, then you’d be getting a new one, right?

Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t know what the ideal bed feels like because they’ve been sleeping on uncomfortable beds their whole life. However, since they’ve been doing it their whole lives and have grown accustomed to it, they’ve come to associate that sort of bed with being comfortable.

I certainly thought I had a comfortable bed for most of my childhood and early teenage years, but once I started sleeping in other people’s beds, I realized how misled I’d been.

Having an uncomfortable bed can lead to all sorts of problems, so if you’re constantly sore, tired, or rickety in the morning, you might just be in need to invest in a high quality mattress brand.

Color-code your room

The importance of colour in your bedroom – and any room in your house, really – should not be understated. Unfortunately, it usually is understated because looking at a colour won’t provide profound changes to perception, so most people assume that the colours in an area have little effect on people.

You only need to remember how big corporations like McDonalds and Wal-Mart use colour to attract and manipulate customers to recognize the importance of colour. On that note, you should decorate your room with cool colors, like gray, blue, purple or green.

These colours are calming, and this is demonstrated in nature: people feel relaxed or lazy on gray days, the blue ocean makes people wistful and calm, and being alone in a green forest or a huge field is an invitation to simply sit back and be.

Get rid of clutter!

A cluttered house is a sign of a cluttered mind, and this is particularly apparent when you’re trying to get to sleep. It’s a lot harder for your mind to slow down when you’re surrounded by all sorts of knicknacks, tools you haven’t put away, unorganized art supplies, dirty laundry, etc.

The best way to declutter your bedroom is to simply not have anything in there except for the bare necessities. Anything that’s not immediately useful in helping you fall asleep should be whisked out of the bedroom, if possible.

Your clothes should be packed away into a dresser or a closet; any table tops should only have necessary things on top of them.

That said, there are certain things that some may consider ‘clutter’ that are actually useful for helping people sleep. Just like feng shui, as we’ve already outlined, can have a huge impact on your room, you can influence your sleep schedule with the appropriate items.

Decorating your bedroom with somnolence-promoting things, like gentle incenses and soothing crystals, can make a world of difference.

Banish the light

Our bodies operate on what’s known as the circadian rhythm. This is the natural day/night cycle that, were we not living in an electrified society, would be completely regulated by the rising and setting of the sun.

Unfortunately, those of us who elect to live indoors are typically assaulted by all sorts of light long beyond the time the sun has set: ceiling lights, computers, televisions, even smaller beeping lights like those on your coffee machine or cell phone can influence our sleep schedule.

The most important thing here is to eliminate artificial light. You can still see a bit of light when it’s dark out, but starlight is a lot less invasive than LED light and can actually help some people relax.

However, if you live in an urban area or have a streetlight right outside your window, you might want to invest in some blackout blinds or a sleep mask. These are also useful for people who can’t shut off all their lights, or who prefer to sleep with a night light on.

Get a fan

A fan can be useful for a number of reasons. Obviously the first one that comes to mind is helping you get to sleep during an oppressive, sweaty summer night.

Having a fan circulate cool air onto your face and/or body (depending on how naked you are when you sleep) can be one of the most relaxing sensations on the planet.

The other reason a fan can be nice, especially if you have roommates or live in a loud area, is by providing some calm background noise that’s quiet enough to go by unnoticed, but loud enough to drown out other sounds. Unfortunately, it can be difficult choosing a fan for this purpose because you don’t know how loud it will be.

You can also buy a soundbox to play nature sounds for you while you sleep. This is a great way to provide white noise if your fan doesn’t do the job.

In conclusion

Turning your bedroom into a haven is not only beneficial for sleep, it’s a fun practice. It’s a chance for you to let your personality be shown in your room, and the result is an improved sleep cycle and a better daily life. Hopefully we’ve helped you make some good choices today.

By Kate Corr, The Founder of a blog that is dedicated to helping people choose the best mattress brand suited to their needs.



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I am looking to remodel my bedroom! Thanks for the tips.