Travel Guide: Top Attractions of Bucharest

Travel Guide: Top Attractions of Bucharest

Romania’s capital has survived years of Nicolae Ceausescu’s gruesome communist oppression and today it is reborn into an urban hotspot that attracts swarms of tourists each year. The Old Town survived all historic turmoils and is now abuzz with clubs, bars, cafes, and restaurants. It is also important to mention that Bucharest’s architectural splendor leaves everyone speechless, garnering the title as “Little Paris of the East”. If you plan on visiting this majestic city, here are some of the top attractions that you should definitely include on your itinerary.

Buzzing nightlife

Bucharest is most famous for it’s vibrant and contagious nightlife scene. The city is packed with hip clubs that play loud music and serve quality cocktails long into the night. Some of the best nightclubs in Bucharest are Fratelli Social, Bamboo, Control, Face, and Nomad Skybar but if you know some of the local denizens, you might even discover trendy underground clubs that are off the travel maps. Also, if you want to cure your hangover, know that this city boasts the largest wellness, entertainment, and spa center in the whole of Eastern Europe called Therme.

Architectural splendor

The city’s architecture tends to reveal a lot about its history and Bucharest’s cityscape definitely has a lot of stories to tell. From preserved medieval edifices to Art Nouveau and brutalist structures, you can certainly see the cultural diversity this city possesses. Bucharest also boasts the heaviest building in the world – the jaw-dropping Palace of the Parliament – and is surrounded by lush parkland, boating lakes, and fruitful vineyards.

Places to visit

The Old Town is the starting point for all new-comers, which was mercifully left untouched by the hazards of World War II. It is a charismatic neighborhood that shelters quaint cafes, bookstores, galleries, restaurants, churches, and souvenir shops. The most famous street is Lipscani, which becomes a bustling spot during the weekends and holidays.

You should also visit the National Village Museum on the shores of Lake Herastrau. The complex comprises of 300 historic dwellings, such as workshops, windmills, houses, and churches that display vernacular architecture from all over the country. Oh, and make sure to check out the Cismigiu Gardens. It is believed to be the oldest as well as largest park in central Bucharest.

See Also

Other places of interest that deserve a spot on your itinerary is the captivating Mogosoaia Palace, the Romanian Athenaeum, Arcul de Triumf, and museums of national art and Romanian history.


No, Romania is not just a country of Dracula, tacky pop tunes, and Olympic gymnasts. It is packed with all sorts of natural, cultural, and culinary wonders that will surely get you a bang for your buck. And Bucharest is the cherry resting on top of the cream that will instantly immerse you in its party atmosphere and architectural richness. So book your plane tickets and discover for yourself why this city deserves your undivided attention

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