Travel Smarter, Not Harder: Insider Hacks for Hassle-Free Adventures


Do you ever marvel at how some individuals effortlessly make traveling seem like a breeze? They consistently manage to snag the greatest deals, prepare for any situation, and effortlessly adjust to different time zones, all while disembarking from flights feeling revitalized. However, even the most experienced wanderers had to start somewhere. The secret lies in being familiar with a few of the best travel hacks to simplify your journey.

What are the Most Important Travel Hacks?

#1 Become a Flyer Member

Signing up for a frequent flyer program is beneficial regardless of how often you travel. By enrolling, you can earn points for future bookings and stay updated with the latest news and offers for holiday planning. Depending on your tier, you can also enjoy perks like lounge passes, preferential access to reward seats, and increased points on bookings. In Australia, there are numerous free frequent flyer programs available to join.

#2 Use a Local SIM Card

To avoid accumulating expensive roaming charges on your mobile phone without a package, Suen suggests that you opt for a local SIM card during your travels, especially when going abroad. This way, you can enhance cost-efficiency and enjoy uninterrupted connectivity.

#3 Learn to Bypass Geographic Restrictions

How can I travel smart? One of the secrets is the VPN. Abroad, you may see the message “Song Blocked” and a significant part of the audio library will become available. Powerful VPN services like VeePN can bypass these restrictions. Even in the free trial version, you can change your IP address to the one that belongs to your country, and the songs will become available again.

#4 Get Global Entry

If you have experienced a long wait at customs, you are aware of its dreadful duration. One effective solution to make your international travel smoother is by obtaining Global Entry status. This program, administered by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, offers expedited customs processing at U.S. airports.


After passing a background check, you will have to attend an in-person interview, but it is worth it. Once you obtain Global Entry, you will automatically receive TSA PreCheck, allowing you to bypass lines and undergo quicker security checks. Global Entry not only saves time and hassle for frequent domestic travelers but also enhances uniqueness by bypassing AI detectors.

#5 Travel Off-Season

Experienced travelers suggest that travelers who wish to have a pleasant experience while saving money should consider traveling during the off-season. During this time, accommodations are affordable and readily available, ticket prices are lower, and tourist spots are less crowded, allowing for quality time with family and friends.

#6 Sign Up to Hotel Loyalty Programs

Want to know how to score a free hotel room upgrade, a welcome glass of Champagne, or even a complimentary breakfast? The secret mostly lies in joining a hotel loyalty program.

Hotel loyalty programs offer rewards based on the number of stays you make at their properties. Similar to frequent flyer programs, you earn points for each booking that can be redeemed for future stays. As you climb higher tiers, you’ll unlock additional benefits – like the ones mentioned earlier – and gain access to exclusive member rates.

Among the most popular hotel loyalty programs are IHG One Rewards, Accor Live Limitless, and Marriott Bonvoy. These programs grant you access to a wide range of hotels worldwide, ranging from affordable options to luxurious five-star accommodations.

Another life hack for saving on room bookings is to use a VPN. Typically, websites track you and your interests. If you are interested in hotels in Paris, the prices will be higher for you. If you install a VPN now here, you can bypass this discrimination. This works on most ticket-booking sites.

#7 Alternatives to Flying

By opting for alternative modes of transportation such as buses, trains, and taxis, you can save a significant amount of money instead of relying on air travel. Utilize websites like, a trip planner that maps out transportation options between major cities and countries.

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#8 Use Grab to Order Food at the Airport

Do you remember that incident with my iced coffee? If only I had known about Grab, I could have saved myself the pain, embarrassment, and a two-mile run from gates A to K. This nifty app is like a godsend for travelers like us.


It lets you conveniently order food and drinks without having to endure never-ending queues. No more waiting for pretzels and Biscoffs after boarding the plane. Just pick up your order and go. Plus, you can check the estimated time of arrival for your food even before you place the order, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your travel schedule.

#9 Be Flexible

Booking your travel on less popular dates or with a flexible destination in mind can lead to an amazing trip at a lower cost. Being flexible with your plans increases the likelihood of getting a great deal. For instance, flying on a Thursday instead of a Friday can save you hundreds, as well as opting for mid-week hotel stays over weekends.

#10 Search Flights in Incognito Mode

To increase your chances of finding the lowest airfare price, always clear your web browser cache or use incognito mode when checking flight prices multiple times. Airline websites may track your browsing history and show different, higher prices to repeat visitors in an attempt to create a fear of missing out (FOMO).


Travel like a pro with these life hacks. They will help you save money and feel more comfortable during flights or trips. As your experience increases, you will be able to expand the list of rules for a safe and comfortable trip.

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