Treatment for Your Masculine Spark: 6 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Beard Oil


Beards have made a serious comeback in recent years. This should come as no surprise given that men who sport full beards look more masculine and attract more women. Not all beards are created equal, though, and those who have only recently jumped on board with the growing facial hair trend often find themselves at a loss when it comes to growing impressive facial hair. Read on to find out about six of the reasons they should start using beard oil on a regular basis.

  1. Put an End to Beard Itch

Beard itch is the bane of many men’s existence. It starts to kick in after about a month of beard growth and can continue indefinitely. The underlying problem behind beard itch is that as the hair follicles get longer, they require more sebum oil to stay nourished and moisturized. Although sebum oil is produced naturally in the sebaceous glands, men with beards may find that their bodies can’t quite keep up with production. No matter how long their beard hair gets, their sebaceous glands will continue producing the same insufficient amount of oil. That’s where beard oil comes in.

The high-quality products available now at and help to nourish and moisturize men’s skin. This prevents it from getting dried out and becoming itchy. Applying beard oil doesn’t just nourish the hair, but also the skin, making it easier for men to get through their initial itchiness and continue their journeys toward long, full beard growth.

  1. Improve Hair Quality

The type of hair that grows on men’s faces is coarser than the hair that grows on their heads, so un-maintained beards can wind up looking scraggly and messy. Beard oil alleviates this problem by softening the hair and adding some shine, making it easier to keep it looking neat and tidy. Softer beard hair is also easier to style, so men who want to rock full beards without looking like a redneck will find that it’s the best way to make coarse hair more manageable.

  1. Get a Fuller-Looking Beard

While there’s no scientific consensus that beard oil actually makes beards fuller, there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence that it makes them look larger and bushier. Part of this anecdotal evidence is backed up by scientific fact. Applying beard oil does help to reduce split ends, which allows men to trim their beards less often without creating a bedraggled appearance. This makes it easier to grow a long beard.

Beard oil also affects the hair follicles, nourishing them, and making them healthier. This can help men make their beards look bushier and fuller. Plus, some beard oils contain essential oils that support and promote facial hair growth. These products may actually help men achieve their goals of having fuller beards.

  1. Smell Better

Beard oil is formulated not just to moisturize the skin and reduce split ends, but also to smell good. Look for a product that uses only natural ingredients and features manly scents like rich sandalwood and bergamot, frankincense, or patchouli accents. There are plenty of options out there when it comes to scents, so don’t be afraid to get creative.

A good-smelling beard will brighten up any man’s day and make his facial hair seem more appealing to women. Even women who are normally nervous about the impact of prolific facial hair on personal hygiene won’t be put off by a bearded man who smells delicious. Some men even choose beard oils that contain essential oils like lavender and vanilla to create a calming effect, which benefits both the bearded men, themselves and their intimate partners.

  1. All-Natural Scents and Moisturizing


High-quality beard oils feature all-natural essential oils and moisturizing agents, which means men don’t have to worry about the impact of harsh chemicals on their skin and facial hair. There are some imitation beard oil products making their way onto today’s markets, though, so make sure to purchase a product that uses only natural ingredients. Chemical imitation beard oils don’t offer any of the same benefits as their all-natural alternatives. Instead, the chemicals just simulate a slippery feeling instead of moisturizing the hair and skin.

See Also

It’s easy for men to avoid imitation beard oil products. Just take a look at the product’s ingredient list. If it’s not available online or on the bottle, it’s best to look elsewhere for beard oil and other essential beard care products. If it is available, take a look to make sure it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals. Just keep in mind that many manufacturers use the scientific or botanical names for essential oils and carrier oils, so it’s worth Googling any words that don’t quite make sense.

  1. Make Maintenance Easier

Regularly applying beard oil makes the rest of men’s personal hygiene routines easier. Instead of having to deal with difficult beard dandruff, split ends, and coarse, easily tangled facial hair, they’ll be able to skip these steps and go straight to combing or brushing and applying wax if it suits their personal styles.

Less time spent on beard upkeep means more time out meeting new people and getting compliments on that beautiful beard, so while this benefit may seem minor in comparison to eliminating beard itch, it’s still a relevant concern. Don’t assume that just ignoring problems with beard growth means they’ll just go away with time. It’s a myth that beard itch just disappears after a few months, and split ends will make it impossible to grow a bushy, handsome beard. Beard oil solves both of these problems.

The Bottom Line

A man’s beard says a lot about his or her personality. A bedraggled beard isn’t going to make a very good impression on anyone, while a well-maintained, full, bushy beard will woo women and garner the respect of other men. Buying a high-quality beard oil is a worthwhile investment since it will make managing common problems like beard itch, dandruff, and split ends much easier, reduce the frequency of trims, and allow men to spend less time on basic maintenance and more time on styling.

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