Upgrading and Replacing Windows in the Toronto Area

Upgrading and Replacing Windows in the Toronto Area
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Making sure that you have the highest-quality windows possible can increase the value of your home and decrease heating costs. The key is to find an installer who is reliable enough to get the job done right the first time. For windows, Toronto, Canadian Choice Windows, and Doors provide the best value for your dollar. You windows will be installed quickly, effectively, and in a manner that complements to rest of your home very well.

Style and Function

Vinyl windows have a new look to them, but that look can be customized to fit the character of your house. The end result is a seamless transition that will leave your home looking even better than before without sacrificing the look that you love. Vinyl window replacements come in styles that include awning, casement, bow and bay, and end vent windows. The windows can be further customized to whatever style your current windows have. This can include double and single-hung tilt window frames, architectural windows, contour series, and sliding tilt windows. The only major difference between the new installation and the old one is that your new windows will be much more energy efficient.

Energy Efficient Replacements

Before the replacement process even begins, you will have an opportunity to speak with your installer about the project. The installer will examine your home and pay special attention to any cracked or damaged windows, then provide you with a report as to what needs to be replaced and what can be simply repaired. This installer can also provide you with input and advice as to what style and type of window fit best with your home. This recommendation will take into account the overall structure of your building, the type of windows that currently exist, and what improvements the different windows replacement options can provide.

Generous Financing Options


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One of the big worries that people have when it comes to windows replacement is the cost. Fortunately, Canadian Choice Windows and Doors offers a series of very good financing packages that can help make this cost manageable. If you are a senior citizen, you receive a 10% discount, to begin with. From there, you may qualify for 0% financing options and a delayed first payment that means you don’t have to put any money down until 2019. To top these features off, the windows also come with a lifetime warranty. That means that future damage or unexpected accidents will get repaired immediately, without any additional expense on your end.


If you are looking for a way to improve the look of your home and get better energy efficiency at the same time, a windows replacement project should be in your future. For residents in the Toronto area, Canadian Choice Windows and Doors provides a wide variety of different options along with a terrific financing package that can make the whole process run smoothly. Reach out today and find out how soon you can get your windows upgraded to a brand new look.

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