What Could Be Wrong? My New Dog Cries All The Time?

What Could Be Wrong? My New Dog Cries All The Time?

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Dog cries are very painful to hear. Animals cannot talk like humans and thus they express their feelings by making different sounds. Dogs whine, cry or bark to show their emotions. A dog cries normally when it is scared.

Dog cries are a natural alerting system present in every canine. It doesn’t matter whether the dog is wild or a pet, a dog acts this way when it feels left alone or scared. A dog that is detached from its pack will cry in order to attract the attention of its pack and rejoin it.

Thus you should not be worried if your new dog whines a lot. This is kind of a built-in feature in every dog. When you bring in a puppy for the first time in your house, you ultimately change the entire environment for the pup. You must not expect that your dog will adjust the moment you bring them home.

Dog cries must be expected for the first few days. In fact, it’s your attitude towards your new dog that will determine how fast this dog cries diminish. New dogs require extensive training so that they are able to adjust in your environment. Even if you purchase a well-trained adult dog, bear in mind that the dog has been trained at some other location and the dog might need some time and help in order to adjust at your place.

Do not shut off your dog outside if your dog cries in the night. Even humans at times get scared or upset in the dark. This is not something un-natural. Instead, in order to treat your dog, you must allow it to sleep in your room for the first few days. This does not mean that you allow the pup onto your bed the very first day. There should be certain restrictions and out of bound areas taught to the canine from the very first day.

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You can arrange a crate or an open Kennel which can be placed in a corner of your room or in the corridor facing your room. If the dog cries a lot, it may be allowed to sleep in the kennel, but you must gradually place the kennel a little farther from your room till you reach the place where you want your dog to be settled permanently.

Training dogs is a time-consuming process but is a responsibility that comes with owning an animal. You need to be consistent and patient in your attitude towards your pet. Stephanie Abel has written a best-selling book on dog separation anxiety and indicates that dog cries are not necessarily something that indicates a sick dog. Dog cries are rather a pointer towards a sad or scared dog. Meet Stephanie and learn various training methods to help your beloved pet to overcome their fear of being alone!

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