Visiting London: What to See

Visiting London: What to See

When you are visiting London, one of the things that you are sure to want to do is to see the sights, so to speak, which means you are going to want to know what sights there are for you to see in London. This article highlights the various places of interest for visitors to the city.

The London Eye

First up is the London Eye, which is a brilliant way to see all of London at once. The glass capsules that you are raised in allow you to see 360 degrees around you, which means you can take in the full majesty of London from high, high above the ground. This is truly an incredible sight to see and a wonderful way to start off your journey throughout London, especially since the London Eye is right by the river Thames as well.

Warner Bros. Studio

If you are a fan of Harry Potter, then the Warner Bros. Studio tour through the old sets and production areas of the Harry Potter films is sure to be an experience to die for, especially the examination of all the interesting behind the scenes settings and special effects used to make this incredible series come to life.

The British Museum

As the simplicity of the name suggests, the British Museum is exactly what it reports itself to be, an enormous museum that covers a huge historical range. This is one of the most impressive museums you are ever likely to visit and a wonderful place to explore the history of Britain and the rest of the world as well. Plus, with free entry into this wonderful institution, there is nothing stopping you from slipping in to have a look around whenever you have a free moment to spare.

Places to Eat

Among the many interesting sights to see throughout London, you are going to want to make sure that you have also set aside some time to visit a restaurant such as so that you can eat while you are visiting this brilliant city. There is a plethora of choices throughout the city for you to dine with, so you should never really have any kind of issue finding somewhere to eat.

The British Library

Much like The British Museum, The British Library is very much what it reports itself to be, an enormous library that sits at the center of British literature. This enormous library boasts over 170 million items, which includes an example of literature from literally every written civilization, meaning that the British Library holds the history of literature within itself.

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Westminster Abbey

Finally, another fantastic icon of famous British buildings to visit is Westminster Abbey itself. This famous Abbey is every bit as beautiful as one might suppose and is a brilliant place to end a tour of historical sites throughout London. 

The Abbey hosts a range of tours and events that can make your visit all the more memorable and enjoyable, so do be sure to check the website before you go.

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