Walmart and Purina together Helps Us Take Care of Our MVP Pet(s)

Treats for your MVP
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Walmart and Purina Treats for your MVP
Walmart and Purina together Helps Us Take Care of Our MVP Pet(s)

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Waiting for their Treats
  Waiting for their Treats

In our home our dogs are an important part of our lives, they are our MVPs.  I do say some days that I have four too many; but when it comes down to it I love them all.  They each have their own distinct personalities, their own special talents and love.  Four dogs is more of an undertaking than I realized.  Four mouths to feed, to give baths to (thanks to my husband), as well as giving them attention. But when they look at you, you can't help but love them.  Our dogs have a huge, fenced in yard where they run around and play together.  They used to play soccer (well the dog version), and they really enjoy a good tennis ball.  Lacey, the Mom of the other three, eats the green part off and then nudges it around to the others.

Enjoying the sun after running around the yard.

This is where Purina and Walmart come together to help us take care of our dogs.  I never have to worry if they are getting  quality meals; and with Walmart's affordable prices it doesn't break our bank. Purina is a company with a long standing name for quality and a name you can trust.

Visit the information on the Purina Pet Park page on the Walmart website.  Thank you for visiting  to see just what Walmart and Purina are doing together.

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Walmart and Purina have come together and are offering a giveaway for 1 of 5 Walmart gift cards valued at $50 each. If you are like us, money to spend at Walmart always comes in handy!
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Zach pretty much stole my thunder Becky!LOL!

Maybe I’ll put that phrase into youtube and see what if
anthing comes up!LOL!

I’d really love to see what and how they do that!

Thanks so much for sharing!

Lacey looks so regale just sitting there BTW!LOL! Sort of like
the Queen holding court!


I am very intrigued about what the dog version of soccer is like.

Dorothy Boucher

I don’t have a dog yet but I baby sit for a few of them in my apartment, this would be wonderful to help them out.. I wanted to put a picture up of the dogs but I don’t know how to get my pic to instagram loll my daughter did the others,, oh I am so clueless lol


My dog loves to eat the beggin strips!

Aubry Cowles
Aubry Cowles

Oh my goodness, look at your beautiful pups! You must take extra special care of those precious furbabies. 🙂


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