Watch Gift Guide Doesn’t Have To Be Hard With These Tips

Watch Gift Guide Doesn't Have To Be Hard With These Tips

Giving gifts to people because it’s their special day or it’s a special occasion can be a challenging and stressful seasonal task. Ensuring that the person you’re giving your gift to unwrap something they love along with the element of surprise isn’t easy, especially if they are difficult to please. 

Gifts should not be something someone really loves but they don’t want to buy it for themselves, but something they really want that they don’t expect to be given to them. Although it’s tricky, knowing the basics of gift-giving is important especially if you want the gift you’re giving to last for a long time. 

Timepieces as a gift is a timeless purchase that will never go out of fashion because of their ability to add a subtle touch of elegance do their style and fashion. No matter who you’re buying a watch for, there are varieties of styles of watches that can fit anyone’s style. Here is a simple guide to finding the perfect watch to give to your loved ones.

Luxury for a First

Rolex has a collection of high-precision, luxury timepieces that can suit any person’s wrist. Giving the person you love their first Rolex watch isn’t easy because of its hefty price tag and the differences of function and features of each of the watches. 

However, Rolex Explorer II is the most reliable watch for first time Rolex owners due to its durability and resistance to even the toughest conditions. Further, this watch was originally designed for exploration because of its feature to emit a lasting blue glow even in the darkest of hours. 

You can buy Rolex online to look for varieties of Rolex watches with different designs, features, and functionality. But, if ever the person you’re giving the gift to is an avid adventurer. The Rolex Explorer II may just be the perfect watch for them.

Tough and Rugged Timepiece

The Casio Master of G GW-9400-1CR also known as Rangeman is the latest addition to G-Shock’s Master of G series of tough and rugged timepieces. The beauty of the Rangeman is that it utilizes a Shock Resistant Triple Sensor. 

The innovation of the technology of the triple sensor enables you to measure outside temperature, determining air pressure with a barometer, and display the cardinal point with a digital compass. 

The best feature the Rangeman has is its solar power. Allowing the sun to shine on it every day will never make the watch’s battery runs out. Other features of the Rangeman consists of one-touch time recording, elapsed time measurement, and sunrise or sunset data.

Watch for Daily Wear

The Timex Waterbury Traditional Chronograph 42mm Stainless Steel Watch is a classic chronograph timepiece with an ageless design of elegant silver-tone case and bracelet. The design of the dial is dark grey to elegantly accent the metallic watch, making it suitable to wear for any outfit. 

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Despite the watch being metallic, the watch is water-resistant which allows you to wear it despite rainy conditions. All the simple features of the Waterbury Traditional Chronograph makes it a good watch for daily use because of its budget-friendly price.


When looking for a watch to buy as a gift for someone you care about, you always have to think about how long the gift will last. Keep in mind that giving a gift to someone lets them know that you’re thankful for having them in your life. Thus, they will always appreciate the gifts they receive from you. 

Luxury watches such as the watches from Rolex are only an example of a watch that’s worth investing. Durability and versatility is what you should look for in a watch, you just have to make sure that the person you’re giving the gift to is worth receiving it.


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