Ways to Pick the Perfect Wedding Ring

Ways to Pick the Perfect Wedding Ring

A wedding band is a symbol of your union and future. And much like your union and future, it has many attributes that can vary significantly from one couple to the next. There are a few characteristics to keep in mind to find the perfect band.


Not all settings are created equal and some may not be compatible with your engagement ring. Personal preference may indicate whether there should be space between the band and engagement ring or if the band will be worn separate from the engagement ring. Before shopping, one might consider buying both the engagement ring and band together to ensure the two work together.


How much do you intend to spend? It’s good to have an idea of what your price point is before shopping. On average, couples spend about 3% of their wedding budget on the wedding rings. If desired, embellishments and engravings can increase the cost of your band so plan accordingly.


White gold, yellow gold, platinum, and titanium are a few examples of the metals you will have to choose from. Each has pros and cons. Many tend to make their rings match, however, there is no rule that states you can’t have different metals together and two-tone bands are readily available.


Diamonds or other gems can be added to increase your band’s sparkle. More sparkle can increase cost and maintenance requirements.


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It’s important to think about your lifestyle as your band will be worn every day. You’ll want to choose a band that can withstand everyday wear and tear. Proper maintenance will be required like cleaning and polishing to keep your band in good shape and some rings make hold up better than others. Bands with lots of crevices may be more difficult to keep clean and beautiful. If you expect your ring to endure a lot of wear and tear, platinum is one of the stronger metals that may hold up better than a softer metal.


Think long term when selecting a style. Trendy might be all the rage today, but will you still love it in 40 or 50 years. If you do have a change of heart, you can make some modifications to your band or even add an additional band for an anniversary or other special occasions.

Find a reputable jeweler, like Michael Arthur wedding rings, to help you discover the different options available and guide you to a ring that fits you and your relationship.


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