Weekend Special Visit to Gold Coast With Your Family

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The Gold Coast is highly rated for a family getaway and all for good reasons. It is indeed the perfect place to get lost to unwind, reflect, refresh, and just have some fun. 

There is no limit to what you can do down the Gold Coast as long as you have the time to feast on the immense attractive sites. All you need is the adrenaline rush that pushes you to explore mode. The Gold Coast is so exciting that regardless of how many visits you’ve had around, there will always be something to come back for.

Family getaways must always put into consideration the children activities. They must incorporate great fun times, be cost-effective, memorable, and worth every moment spent. The Gold Coast is in shortage of such fun. Here’s a special way to make a fancy family visit down the Gold Coast on a weekend.

Visit the Tallebudgera Creek

A visit to the Gold Coast will most certainly be incomplete without a family visit to the world-famous Tallebudgera Creek. The ancient people of this land called this end of the suburb “good fish” and no doubt it is an interestingly special place to sit and watch the expansive sea laid bare or even go camping or take a refreshing swim, go kayaking or engage in random picnicking. The Tallebudgera is so full of life that family members of all ages will have lots of fun at any time.

Skywalk The Tamborine Rainforest

If you ever visit the Gold Coast with your family, please give a thought to the wonderful Tamborine Rainforest, it may be the ultimate adventure opening your eyes into a whole different world. 

The skywalk is a stretch that covers approximately 1.5kms and takes approximately 45 minutes. It is basically a stretch of high-tech bridges made of steel that rises 300 meters above the vegetation canopy. Although it lies on private land, it is accessible and open to the general public for visits and ultimately makes a great family experience the overall.

Your expectation from the experience of sky walking in the Tamborine Forest can best be described as out-of-this-world. You and your family will create memorable moments to last a lifetime as you explore this spectacular view from a height that will raise the adrenaline.

Visit the Natural Bridge For Glow Worms Search

Right in the Springbrook Natural Bridge lays Australian renowned glow-worm viewing site which effectively makes the best night out. The Natural Bridge provides the perfect viewing location.

The Natural Bridge is essentially an act of nature caused by a long period of erosion and water passing over hard rock. In the end, this phenomenon formed a carven arc.

 The Springbrook National park is home to more than 100 species of birds that live within this expansive plantation. A walk through the Springbrook National Park is indisputably exciting for kids of just about any age. In addition, they have a lot to learn from the experience as they make a fun looking for the glow worms.

See Also

Why not go Water Biking?

Make sure you don’t leave the Gold Coast before you go water biking at the famous Broadwater. This is a fun-filled activity for the whole family and you will enjoy every bit as you pedal across clear blue waters while you watch the fish underneath swim around. The water bikes have a glass bottom to give you a clear view of water life whilst you enjoy a ride above waters.

The diversity of marine wildlife at the Gold Coast will arouse your appetite to explore the vast beaches while you breathe in the fresh breeze of the sea feast your eyes on the beautiful site laid bare. Water biking is a popular tourist attraction here and an ultimate guarantee of unmatched fun.

Get Down to The Thrilling The Parks

This is the place to take those thrill-seeking little folks in your family. With at least five large-scale theme parks, the Gold Coast is no doubt the right choice for a great family weekend getaway. Here, you will immerse in a flurry of activities ranging from grand shows, roller coaster rides, easy and friendly animals among others. This is certainly a great way to have fun and create memories that last a lifetime for the entire family.

The theme parks in Gold Coast will give the entire family something for everyone. From thriller movie experiences to water splish-splash games and playing with the dolphins, there is plenty of fun to fathom down the Gold Coast.


Family times are for creating memories that last. Down the Gold Coast, these and more dreams come to life and you experience some of the world’s most famous outdoor and indoor activities. Don’t hesitate to take a Bekaa Air Helicopter Flights down to the Gold Coast for the ultimate family experience.

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