Weird Fashion Trends: 10 Things to Know About CBD in Fashion


Among the 1.8 million people employed in the fashion industry, 232,000 of them work in the manufacturing textiles process. Why is this an important statistic? The fashion world continues to grow because of the available markets of new and weird fashion trends.

The newest fashion trend making its way to popularity is CBD-infused clothing. Read on to learn about the correlation between fashion and CBD.

What Is CBD Clothing?

Just as it sounds, CBD clothing is cannabidiol infused. Cannabidiol, aka CBD, is a natural compound that supports health and wellbeing. This compound comes from a cannabis plant.

Cannabis does not just have to do with feeling high as CBD products don’t provide that effect. The benefits behind CBD are claims not yet backed by science.

CBD-infused clothing means adding this chemical compound to clothes, but how is it done? A company in Belgium was the first to test this out by creating the fabric, R Vital. This consists of CBD microcapsules weaved into coth.

By moving around, the capsules release the CBD onto your skin. You’ll be getting CBD into your body in a topical way. As the skin absorbs CBD, it begins to work with the endocannabinoid system.

2019 was the first year CBD fashion came to the market. Although only some brands have jumped on the idea so far, others plan to include it later down the line. Because there is a huge market for CBD-infused clothes, we may see it becoming more than a trend in the upcoming years.

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The potential benefits and things you need to know about CBD fashion include the following:

1. Provides Better Sleep

CBD clothes may sound like one of those weird fashion trends you’ll never actually try, but there are real benefits to it. CBD-infused items have health advantages like getting better sleep at night.

As one of the recent fashion trends, CBD clothing is becoming more common. This means there are even pajamas filled with small CBD microcapsules that can promote better sleep.

Alone, CBD tends to make users sleepier when they take it. This effect happens because CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system. When CBD gets ingested, it can allow for a better balanced sleep-wake cycle.

Not everyone is comfortable with ingesting CBD. Instead of taking it orally, a CBD-infused product, like pajamas, is another option to try.

A lot of these sleeping products are also made with melatonin. Melatonin is an additional compound that works as a sleep aid. If pajamas aren’t the way to go in the CBD fashion land, CBD pillows are also worth exploring if you desire better sleep.

2. Reduces Inflammation

A lot of the most popular CBD fashion is activewear pieces. Most garments contain around 25 grams of CBD oil and no THC. However, this amount depends on the brand you buy from.

As stated before, CBD partners with the endocannabinoid system. It doesn’t just help with better sleep as CBD also has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce pain. This is why many of the CBD fashion you see will be activewear.

For those who spend a lot of time and the gym but hate the aches they feel, CBD-infused clothing could be the perfect solution.

3. Reduces Muscle Cramps

Another reason we are seeing CBD-infused clothing take over the activewear department is that it can help you avoid muscle cramps. Anyone who works out knows that a muscle cramp can ruin your entire flow. Those with a weak cardiovascular system may have muscle cramps more often.

With CBD-infused leggings, there is a potential for muscle cramps to get avoided altogether. Because CBD helps reduce inflammation, your limbs are more relaxed during a workout decreasing the risk of a muscle cramp happening.

Acabada is a luxury activewear brand based in New York that is one of the first to create CBD-infused leggings. This brand aims to target specific muscles by infusing CBD into a garment’s fibers. As the wearer moves around, the CBD molecules get released.

It is important to note that the CBD wears off after around 40 wears. This means if you find the properties working for you, you’ll be buying these pieces more often than you normally would.

4. Reduces Stress

CBD helps with stress and so can CBD-infused clothes. As the CBD fashion market grows, there is huge potential for more than CBD-infused activewear.

Imagine feeling more stress-free at work because your work clothes have CBD. As people are becoming more stressed because of their work-life, they are desperately trying to find ways to overcome it.

When it comes to health, the stress hormone can cause a lot of damage. This hormone leads to stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc.

Not only can CBD help keep your stress levels down, but it is also beneficial by helping people stay focused and be more productive. Keep an eye out for work outfits infused with CBD!

5. Restores the Body’s Balance

CBD in fashion can help improve homeostasis, the regulatory system present in the body. This means regulating your anxiety levels, body temperature, and even blood pressure. With CBD, these levels can stay where they need to be.

One way to know your body is struggling with homeostasis is by seeing how your body reacts in extreme weather conditions. For example, if it is hot out and you feel tired or get headaches, your homeostasis levels may be unbalanced.

6. Many Unknowns

Another thing to understand about fashion and CBD is that there are still many unknowns. For one, there is no science behind how long CBD will last in your clothes. Although Acabada claims you can feel CBD through 40 wash cycles, it is unknown how much you are getting in each cycle.

There is a lack of accuracy in CBD tinctures already as people don’t know how much they are truly ingesting. This is the same with CBD-infused clothing. There is no real way to know how much your skin is absorbing throughout the day or workout.

7. It Is Expensive

If you haven’t guessed already, THC fashion is on the more expensive side. For some, it may be out of their price range completely.

If you are shopping for activewear at Acabada, you’ll be spending around $125 for a sports bra or biker shorts. If you want the CBD-infused leggings everyone is raving about, you will spend almost $200.

8. It Is Not as Sustainable as Hemp

Although CBD is sustainable itself, the clothing-making process is still the same. CBD gets infused after the clothes have been created. In contrast, hemp clothing is more sustainable as the process uses less water and fewer acres than cotton, polyester, and other fabrics.

Every season, cotton uses more water than hemp because of the production cycle. As more of our natural sources get depleted, the clothing-making process is becoming more of an issue. On the other hand, hemp is naturally organic.

Most workout garments are polyester, not hemp. Many manufacturers choose this fabric because it is cheaper than natural fibers.

The process of making polyester involves a carbon-intensive non-renewable resource. Millions of barrels of oil are used each year to make this fabric. In fact, it is worse for the environment to produce than cotton is.

9. Different Care Needs

Weird fashion trends come along and require different care needs. To make CBD fashion last for its full life, it is essential to follow specific instructions.

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For Acabada’s brand, you should wash at low temperatures. There are some big no no’s when it comes to CBD-infused clothing such as:

  • No bleaching
  • No ironing
  • No dry cleaning
  • No wringing or twisting

You should also let these fabrics drip dry instead of putting them in a conventional dryer. It is recommended to use a wash bag when cleaning these garments.

10. Everyone’s Experience Is Different

Although we are still learning about CBD’s use in the world of fashion, there is one thing we know for sure, CBD affects people differently. CBD, in general, is still being studied for its medicinal properties. Some note that ingesting CBD or using topical CBD is beneficial to them, others disagree.

Since we know this to be a fact, it is safe to say that not everyone will feel the same benefits of CBD-infused clothing. Whether or not CBD-infused garments are worth it is still being studied.

Hemp vs. CBD

As CBD is making its way to fashion, many wonder about the differences between CBD and hemp. Hemp has been used in fashion for some time for its sustainable properties on the environment. Hemp clothing also tends to last longer than clothing made during the general manufacturing process.

CBD is not confirmed to be useful in helping specific conditions, but evidence shows that it does work with the endocannabinoid system. CBD, aka cannabidiol, is found in the Cannabis sativa plant along with over 540 phytochemicals. Hemp is a variety of the Cannabis sativa plant.

Hemp plants have been used for decades to make clothes, food, sails, rope, and many other things. These plants contain THC at low levels. To make CBD products, the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant are used.

The main difference between cannabis and hemp is the amount of CBD and THC they have. Cannabis has more THC and less CBD. Hemp has more CBD and less THC.

Products are made more often with hemp plants because there is little THC. THC is the compound that gives people a high feeling. At 3Chi, you can find Delta 8 THC that can still remove the high feeling for those who want to be functional throughout the day.

Hemp Clothing Benefits

If you aren’t ready to hop on the CBD-infused fashion trend because there is still little known, hemp clothing is an amazing option. Even though hemp clothing does not have the medicinal benefits that CBD-infused clothing is said to have, there are some major advantages.

Hemp is a strong material which means you can get more out of your clothes. It will last you longer and you don’t have to worry about wear and tear as much. Because it is durable, you won’t have to replace your clothes as often, saving you money.

Hemp is known to have natural antibacterial properties. Naturally avoiding the growth of bacteria has advantages such as less odor, healthier skin, reduced infections, and a fresh feeling.

If you like spending time in the sun, you will be glad to know that hemp clothing can protect you from UV rays. The sun protection properties in hemp fabrics help against skin damage, sunburn, and skin cancer.

One of the most amazing benefits of hemp clothing is that it gets softer every time you wash it. Other clothing materials have the opposite effect. This makes hemp clothing convenient and comfortable.

Environmental Benefits of Hemp

Along with the physical benefits that hemp clothing provide, it is also great for the environment. As discussed before, it can reduce land and water usage. The other environmental benefits include:

  • Does not need harsh chemicals or pesticides to grow
  • Every part of the plant can be used
  • Hemp clothing can be composted for zero waste
  • Hemp plants grow fast
  • Improves the health of the soil
  • Hemp can grow in multiple locations
  • Removes toxins from groundwater and soil
  • Absorbs more CO2 than other crops

Choosing hemp clothing is choosing a product that helps you and the environment.

Should You Try These Weird Fashion Trends?

Weird fashion trends come and go, but CBD-infused clothing may be around for a while if users find it beneficial. Although there is no science behind it yet, there is much to know about these products before purchasing. This guide can help you decide if you think CBD-infused clothes are worth a try.

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