What are the Best Ways to stay Connected with your Loved Ones During Pandemic?

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Social distancing etiquette is in full effect because of covid-19 and now people are valuing how great it was to roam freely anywhere and being close to their loved ones. In the age of corona virus the three foot rule has become a six foot rule and people are craving closeness. Isolation and Quarantine have become the new normal and it has become very difficult to go to places with our loved ones or just being with them. Many would have also experienced distance in relationships with your dear ones. Some guys may have drifted away from your special ones because of this pandemic and it would have costs many their relations. So if you are looking for ways to stay connected with your loved ones during these tough times you are at the right place. We are here with some best ways to stay connected with your dear ones. 

Talk according to their personality- Introverts or Extroverts: 

Memes say that it is a great time for introverts and terrible time for extroverts but the truth is no one is immune to the disappointment of not being able to do things according to the plan. It can leave both introverts as well as extroverts feeling helpless and overwhelmed as they would lose business opportunities or some major celebration has to be rescheduled. So you can talk to the introverts and extroverts according to their personality and stay connected with them. You can order care packages for every aged people online and greet them with the same to let them know you are concerned for them. 

Find out some activity which connects you with your friends and family members 

Social media has become a lifeline for many of us and we have noticed people who swore off social media are most active now than ever. So you can find fun and genuine ways to interact with your loved ones via social media. For example you guys can join a virtual dance class, live virtual tours, play games online together and keep discovering unique ways to stay connected and engaged. Tell your friends and relatives after lockdown plans of taking trips and enjoying time together if they are feeling down during this difficult time.

Stay connected with them via regular video calls and daily messages

Being in this 21st century we have this boon of internet that gives us the opportunity of seeing sweet faces of our loved ones. You can stay connected with your dear ones by regularly have video calls and messaging. Video calls can make distance more bearable and it enables you to show them things going on at your place. Messages can also keep you stay updated of what is going on with your life. Get creative activities in lockdown from our online gift site and stay busy and enjoy the time even while staying at home.

Think for care packages according to person’s age

You can send care packages to your loved ones according to their age. For example you can send sweet treats or you can also send their personal belongings, to the old you can send memorable items such as photos or postcards. By regularly sending out care packages you can make your dear one how much you care for them and you are always missing and thinking of them though they are miles away. There are so many fun ways to feel good during pandemic and you can also search online how to reduce mental stress during these tough times.

Discuss about future plan together (this will make everyone relax and avoid depression)

You can talk to your dear ones about your future plans like you guys can go for a trip to some beautiful place and enjoy time together once all these ends. This can help people who are feeling very dejected and they would have brighter things to look up to though the things presently do not seem good. Gift exchanging is the best ways of staying updated with one another and let your loved ones know you care about them.

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Make use of online service to support financially or mentally or emotionally 

Other than video chatting you can do so many more things that can give you as well as your dear one some great time together though virtually. You have this online option of Netflix Party that offers a group chat feature by synchronizing playback, other is Collaborative spotify playlist through which you can connect with your friends and enjoy good music together and you can have steam that is best online gaming services which has more than thirty thousand video games and it also has in game message and voice chat capabilities. You can know what makes good video calling when you really miss your loved ones and want to be with them. 

We hope these best ways will help you stay connected with your loved ones during pandemic and won’t let it cause your relationships with your loved ones.

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