What Attracts Mice to Your Home and How To Fight Them?

Mice to Your Home

Amongst all the pests, rodents (mice and rats) are the most intimidating because of their size and appeal. It is terrifying to find your home has been penetrated by mice. National Pest Management Association has found that 29% of the US homes have mice issues. Besides, rats can damage your house and office wiring, furniture, books, clothes to name a few, and they are possible transmitters of diseases. They can be responsible for Salmonellosis by drinking water contaminated by mice or a viral disease- Lymphocytic choriomeningitis, transmitted through excreting of rats. Fortunately, in the modern world, there are lots of ways you can defeat mice and rats, one of the easiest prevention measures for these pests is using an electronic pest repeller.

What attracts mice

Primarily the mice are attracted to the safety of their larger prey besides food, shelter, and coziness provided at your home. They tend to keep out of your sight until you are not at home or sleeping at night. Mice are scavengers and hence experts in finding discarded food items and space. Let’s find out more about the presence of these rodents at your place.

1. Food Crumbs

The unattended and leftover pieces lying at the corners and under your cupboard have been attracting these creatures into your home and offices. Consider a thorough cleaning.

2. Flooding Dustbins

Your dustbin is constantly overflowing due to the fact that you are not disposing of regularly and are providing resources to sustain these rodents.

3. Openings

Your home walls and foundation cracks or openings are providing a gateway to the comfort and resources of your residence.

4. Foul smells

Foul odors spread by rotting fruits, vegetables, or any such thing which can attract mice, will attract them. Maintain proper disposal for such items rather than leaving them prolonged.

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5. Clutter

Clutter around your house provides sufficient means for mice and even rats to hide and live there.

How to get rid of mice

First of all, you need to understand not to underestimate their presence. Take precautions in order to keep them away. But, if you have unknowingly invited them to your home what you should do to get rid of them.

  1. Identify the physical signs of mice presence first, like nibbled papers lying around in your books and small excretes lying here and there.
  2. Identified areas are the most common paths taken by mice, placing a rat killer in the route.
  3. Use a mousetrap to catch them and then throw them away from your home.
  4. It is really important to rightly select the bait to attract the rats in the trap.
  5. Check if there are holes in your garden, it can be a rat’s nest. Fill it with water so that the mice leave the ground immediately, and you can fill it with soil later.
  6. Pet a cat, yes! Cats will scare the hell out of them chasing them to their death beds. As a result, the rats will keep themselves away from a cat’s realm.
  7. Using an ultrasonic pest controller produces a high pitch disturbing sound for rodents keeping them away from your place.
  8. Cleaning the debris lying around your residence is providing a hiding platform from mice. Remember good sanitation won’t guarantee a mice-free zone but poor sanitation will definitely allure them.
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