What is Radical Acceptance?

What is Radical Acceptance

Radical acceptance is when you look at a situation, and you don’t try to change it. There are many things in life that we wish we could change. Unfortunately, we have limited control over most things. Radical acceptance is freeing because you can embrace that there are things that you have power over, but there are other situations where you can let go; they’re not your responsibility. When you radically accept something, you are surrendering to the fact that this is not your responsibility to change, and you can only focus on yourself and your actions. Here is why radical acceptance is important and how it can change your life. 

Not everybody is going to agree with you

Of course, it would be great if everybody agreed with you all the time, but that is not how life works. We have arguments with people, and everyone has different perspectives. As much as you try to explain yourself to someone, you may not be able to convince them of perspective. You’ll find the same for the opposite side. Your way is not the right way, and neither is theirs. You can practice radical acceptance in a situation where you cannot agree with somebody. You can accept that the other person differs in perspective from yours. That doesn’t make either one of you wrong; it just is what it is. Once you accept that this person disagrees with you, you can then take action in response. Here’s an example of radical acceptance in action. Let’s say that your friends want to go to a horror movie and they invite you, but you don’t like these kinds of films. They try to convince you to join them, and you don’t want to go. You might suggest that you see a comedy instead. Despite your suggestion, they are dedicated to seeing this horror flick. You can accept that they are going to this movie and you don’t have to join them. You can go hang out with them after the film instead. Instead of fighting them or trying to see another film that’s an alternative perspective and you’ve practiced radical acceptance. You don’t have to take their choice personally. Now you have come to a place of acceptance.

Radical acceptance and your emotions

Some emotions are unpleasant to experience, such as anger. Some people have a hard time when they feel the rage rising within them; they want to fight it. In these moments, it’s important not to run from your feelings because they will come back even stronger. With radical acceptance, you can accept the fact that you are feeling angry, and you have control over what you do with that anger. You could go for a walk. You could punch a pillow. Try singing in your car and get out of those emotions. You’re a practicing relative acceptance when you acknowledge the anger and move through it.

Radical acceptance of your circumstances

Sometimes bad things happen in life. You cannot control whether you get sick or someone dies. People have a hard time coping with grief. It’s hard to accept the fact that somebody is gone. Once you get to a place of radical acceptance with grief, it can be extremely freeing. You can embrace the fact that you are sad that this person is gone, but you don’t have to stop living your life. Death is something that is hard to conceive of, but it is possible to cope with loss. Radical acceptance of your feelings during the grieving process can help you exponentially. Life transitions and challenging circumstances are hard. You can talk about these issues with a mental health professional. 

Online therapy and radical acceptance

An online therapist is an excellent person to teach you how to practice radical acceptance. You can talk about this concept with a therapist at an online therapy company like BetterHelp.com. It’s not easy to accept one’s circumstances. But it is possible. A therapist understands how distressing life can be, and they want to help you process these feelings. When you learn radical acceptance, you will feel a sense of peace and be able to enjoy things more. It’s a form of mindfulness that can help you feel more secure and grounded in yourself.

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