What Is the True Cost of War

True Cost of War

War is something that has always occurred, for a broad range of reasons. They are fought over territory, resources, political disagreements, and many other things. Whether a war is regarded as right or wrong, one thing that’s often true is that it’s expensive. Not only the monetary cost of war but also everything else that it can cost a country is important to recognize.

The USA has been involved in some significant and costly wars. The Second World War is the most expensive of these, costing $4.1 trillion dollars in the four short years that the US was involved in the conflict. In the 21st century, up to 2014, the country has not spent even half the amount that WWII cost. Far fewer military personnel are deployed today, and costs are covered by increasing the foreign debt, including borrowing from China. There are many factors in the financial cost of war, including the manufacture of weapons and vehicles.

Of course, the financial cost of war isn’t the only thing that’s important. The human cost is also often significant, with more than 418,000 US civilian and military deaths in the Second World War. Recovering from war can be tough for a country too. From repairing the economy to caring for war veterans and the significant social changes that can occur, it can take a long time for things to return to normal. In many cases, a country may never be the same again after being involved in a conflict.

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