What To Feed Dogs If Out Of Dog Food

dog food

If running out of dog food is something that often happens to you, then you are in the right place. There are times when we forget to bring food for our dog, or we don’t have enough cash sometimes to spend on expensive dog foods.

Well, in such situations, there are some alternatives that you can try instead of the actual dog food. Scroll down and check out the list below.

Raw Meat

A few dog owners are strong promoters of the BARF diet, which is basically a diet plan that includes raw food and bones in the dog’s food.

Such owners believe that giving raw food to their pet dog will nourish the dog even better as they are naturally made in a way that they can easily eat and digest the raw food.

While some think completely opposite. Some dog owners never give raw food to their dogs and believe that they won’t digest that food and will cause health issues.

The facts confirm that raw food, such as meat, can hold risky microscopic organisms called salmonella. However, this can be wiped out by cooking the meat to a temperature up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Well, according to the experts, giving raw food to the dogs is completely fine as all the wild dogs eat such food, and they survive.

So, if you are boiling the raw meat and giving it to your dog, then that won’t be any risky, and it will also be very helpful in case you are out of the dog food.

Vegetables & Fruits

Despite the fact that they are less risky than raw meat and bones, fruits, and vegetables can also cause some threats to your pet dog in the form of bacterial contamination.

But this is not something to worry about. Just make sure you are washing everything before giving it to your dog and chopping it properly.

Fruits, as well as vegetables, can be a good option to feed your dog in case you don’t have time to go and buy dog food at the moment.


Feeding bones to your dog, especially chicken bones, is also an option in case you don’t have dog food at the moment. Well, some facts demonstrate that bones can cause an expected risk, regardless of whether it is from intestinal block or choking.

But at the same time, raw chicken bones hold some adaptability and are simpler for dogs to eat as well as digest.

It’s the cooked bones that become fragile and can cause the most serious risks for an intestinal blockage. Also, bones are a good source of calcium, so if you don’t have dog food, bones can also be a good option for you to feed your dog.

So, these are some things that can help you out in keeping your dog healthy and full. However, make sure you are taking proper precautions before giving anything to your dog.

You must wash and clean the food properly and must chop it before feeding, and these things can turn out to be an amazing alternative to the dog food. 

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