How Do I Get My Bulldog Puppy To Stop Biting?


Although bulldogs are overwhelmingly popular, they have somehow gained a negative reputation, as being aggressive, and if provoked, they will attack and bite.

Their physical appearance makes this image worst, as Bulldogs look very mean with their slanted eyes and powerful jawline.

In reality, Bulldogs are naturally opposite of their image. Bulldogs are gentle, affectionate, loyal, and warm-hearted. Like any dog, a Bulldog also bites, and unlike many other dogs, the extremely powerful jaw of a Bulldog can lock tight and cause serious damage to its victim.

Here we will tell you some of the reasons why Bulldogs bite and how you can prevent it from becoming a problem.

The Root of The Behaviour

All dogs bite when they are young, including Bulldogs. Dogs, just like humans go through the phase of teething; during this time, they will put anything and everything in their mouths.

This can be something as innocent as their Bulldog shampoo but could be your wayward finger, which anyone who has tried to put a puppy on its head would know. A Bulldog puppy that bites has just not learned yet that it is dangerous and wrong to bite humans.

If it is left unchecked, this behavior can continue into adulthood, and at that point, it can become dangerous. You or your dog trainer can teach your Bulldog not to bite!!!

Bulldogs are fiercely loyal, and with children, they can make especially strong bonds. If a Bulldog gets the feeling that his owner or loved one is threatened or at risk, it can become defensive and show signs of aggression. By nature, they are not aggressive, but like any other dog, if provoked, they can become aggressive. 

That being said, all Bulldogs may not become aggressive if you show signs that you are threatened. But if a Bulldog is improperly socialized, he will respond strongly if you are in a threatening situation. Improperly socialized Bulldog is much more likely to bite as an adult.

Although they are very calm and gentle with their owners, they tend to get wary of strange dogs and strangers.

Train Your Puppy

The best way to ensure that your Bulldog does not bite when it is an adult is to train it while it is still a puppy. It is inevitable that your Bulldog will bite you as a puppy, but how you respond is crucial to how your dog will grow.

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Whenever it bites you accidentally, make a loud abrupt “OUCH”! Sound, and immediately stop giving attention to your Bulldog.

He will hate it, as he wants to play with you and get your attention. By doing this, you will teach your Bulldog that if he bites, he will lose your attention.


Though the physical appearance of your Bulldog might look mean, as he lays on the floor. This gentle beast might just be thinking how much he loves you and how wonderful it feels to be lying on the floor in the comfort of his home.  

The moment he picks up that heavy face, you can see his gentle eyes and know that he is truly a loving companion.

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