What You Should Know About Termites


There’s nothing more important than keeping your home safe. Termites are small, winged bugs that live in large colonies. They are dangerous, as they ultimately undermine the structural integrity of your house. Since they are hard to detect and gather in large numbers, it’s highly recommended that you contact a professional immediately if you notice any signs of a possible infestation. Before seeking termite treatments Fort Myers FL, you should know how aggressive these pests can be to protect yourself from them.

Termites Eat Wood

Most termites rely on soil and liquid excretions to build mud tunnels from underground. They build these networks around the wooden structures that keep your home together to forage cellulose, which wood needs to survive. These bugs will eat anything containing cellulose, including your backyard furniture and your house’s foundation.

Termites Stay Silent

You won’t notice these pests right away, and you can’t expect to find them in your closet or pantry. Termites hide behind walls and floorboards, since most of them eat wood from the inside out. As long as they are biting through timber and building more tunnels, large colonies of termites can easily thrive in your home.

Termites Destroy Homes

Ignoring these small, but destructive creatures only worsens the problem. These bugs will continue to work their way into your home and seek out areas with high moisture like your kitchen and bathroom. Significant damage to your home caused by termites can cost thousands in damages and is not usually covered by insurance. A severely infested home is also more susceptible to weather damage.

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Detecting Termites

Because these pests can drastically damage your home, how can you tell if they live with you? One of the first signs may be the quiet clicking sounds that soldier termites make to warn the colony of danger. Any unusual streaks or openings on wooden surfaces also indicate a possible presence. Termites can often be confused with white ants, due to their similar size and shape. If you see ants that appear white or translucent and straight antlers, you are most likely looking at termites.

It’s important to consult with a termite control professional so they can inspect your home. They will look for maze patterns, rotting wood or other signs of danger. Although a homeowner cannot effectively get rid of them on his or her own, exterminators have the knowledge and technology necessary to remove the threat.

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