Why Can Teeth Become Crooked?

Teeth Become Crooked

Many people suffer from low confidence and self-image due to crooked teeth, albeit through no fault of their own. Crooked teeth can emerge completely naturally, simply because of mouth shape. So, for people who wish to change the alignment of their teeth, potentially providing a welcome boost to self-confidence, there are several options available. Not to mention that there are dentists in chattanooga for urgent dental care and cosmetic treatment options.

What factors affect the growth of crooked teeth?

If you feel that your teeth have grown crooked, this will most likely be to do with the size and shape of your mouth. If you have a small mouth, teeth can become crowded and, not having space to fit naturally, can go crooked as a result of growing in close proximity to each other. In this way, crowded and crooked teeth can start to present problems over time, both for people’s self-confidence and overall, oral health.

While many people can feel that they have an aesthetic problem, and do not like the shape of their teeth, there can also be health questions that arise too. If teeth do not align correctly, is it possible for them to have more difficulty cleaning their teeth and a higher chance of damaging them. This is especially true for front teeth that protrude in front of others, either due to either an overbite or an underbite or to over-crowding, which forces teeth to grow outwards instead of straight up or down.

Who should you check with to talk about your crooked teeth?

If you have crooked teeth it can be worth checking with your dentist whether or not they recommend any specific course of action for your teeth. This will let you know whether or not there is an underlying health reason that may warrant an orthodontic procedure. A personal image can have a profound impact on mental health, and thus a huge factor in our happiness – but it is relatively easy to take action and improve this aspect of our oral health.

Teeth Become CrookedIf your dentist raises a health concern, or if you have your own desire to change your teeth to feel happier and more confident, the next step is to get in touch with a specialist who can offer orthodontic services. It is then best to have a frank and honest discussion with a relevant expert and ask what orthodontic solutions that they can offer you.

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What are the possible solutions for crooked teeth?

Depending on the scale of the problem, different options will be available. If you are looking for a quick and convenient solution, one of the best options for aligning your front teeth is an Inman Aligner. This simple brace can straighten teeth quickly over a course of 6 – 16 weeks. It works by placing a clear bar across the front of your teeth, with small, coiled springs behind them. 

This allows your braces to apply pressure to move the teeth from both behind and in front. With relatively low costs, and being easy to remove for eating and brushing, it will be easy to wear it for the recommended 20 hours a day. So, a product such as an Inman Aligner by Ten Dental will allow you to sort out your teeth in record time.

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