Why it is Vital to Clean Your Aircon Ducts

Why it is Vital to Clean Your Aircon Ducts

Many large homes use ducted air conditioners due to their effectiveness and aesthetics. Even when this is the case, not many give a second thought to the maintenance of the ducts. 

Many owners believe, as long as the unit is running, there is no need to do anything. It is understandable, however, it should not be the case. 

Over time dust, mold, and dirt accumulate on the ducts and throughout the system, which is a risk to the indoor air quality.

Keeping your air ducts clean is important for your health and the efficiency of your air conditioner. Taking up the task to clean it yourself can be a huge job, and this is why it’s best to get in contact with a trusted company like Pure Air Duct Cleaning in your area to do the work, which also provides a variety of other services such as installation and repair.

This is the reason you should regularly maintain your aircon and in particular, you should clean the ducts.

Understanding Duct Cleaning

Air pollution is a growing concern, and that is why there are numerous products available to improve indoor air quality. They are manufactured to eliminate contaminants that could lead to health issues such as allergies. 

When you decide to have your AC ducting cleaned, there is a lot of work involved. The advantage is that your ducted air conditioner will perform optimally and produce clean air, once you complete this step.

While you as an aircon user have easy access to clean the vents, the ducts are not accessible and should be cleaned by a professional HVAC technician.

The good news is they will also clean other important components including registers, diffusers, condensate drain pans, return and supply air ducts. Also, the grills, coils, fan housing, motor, and handling unit housing are inspected and also inspected.

Once the dirt and dust are dislodged from the ducts using specialized tools, a high-powered vacuum cleaner is then used to clear it. The use of chemical treatments and biocides may be suggested to help control mold and kill microbiological contaminants.

Why Ducts Should Be Cleaned

Air quality should never be compromised for any reason. If there are people with allergies or respiratory issues in the house, your ducts should be cleaned regularly. It will prevent worsening their conditions that could come from poor indoor air. 

If you have pets such as dogs and cats, and they shed a lot of hair, again duct cleaning is crucial. Additionally, if there have been remodelling or renovations, a lot of dust might have entered the ducts and needs to be removed. 

If mold spores, dust, dirt, and other contaminants are not removed, health issues in the house will increase. Everyone will be breathing contaminated air. 

Professional air duct cleaning services can help you keep your system running smoothly by removing dust, debris, pet dander, pollen, mold spores and other allergens from your ducts. This will help improve the air quality in your home or office while also reducing energy costs associated with inefficient operation of the system.

What Leads to Duct Contamination?

Poor installation, lack of maintenance, and system operation failure could lead to contamination. Dust, debris, pollen, and other contaminants will make ducts their home. 

Mold will rapidly grow if there is moisture in the ducts. When this happens, the air conditioner will release air that is contaminated and a hazard to your health.

Smoke, pets’ hair and construction also increase this kind of contamination. To eliminate this problem and reduce the number of times the cleaning needs to be done, the root cause must be treated. It must be taken care of to prevent a recurrence. 

How to Tell If There Is Mold Accumulation

Ducts are invisible, and thus inspecting them can only be done by a professional. The heating and cooling system is sensitive, thus, only a qualified technician will detect the problem. 

In some instances, they may take what seems to be mold to a laboratory to determine if it is actual mold. 

When Should The Cleaning Be Done?

If a technician checks the ducts and there does not seem to be contaminants, you can pass the cleaning. But if there is a musty odor then they should be cleaned.

If the return registers are dusty, it does not necessarily mean the ducts must be cleaned. Instead, they can either be vacuumed but if they are really bad then cleaning may be needed.

If people inside the house are experiencing unusual respiratory-related illnesses, it is time to inspect the ducts. The issues could be a result of contaminated indoor air quality.

Besides, periodic duct cleaning is also crucial as long as it is done properly. 

The Cleaning Process

Specialized tools are used to dislodge dirt. For example, a special brush spins and loosens dirt that is then sucked by a vacuum. 

Depending on the tools used, there will be minimal noise emanating during the process. The other components of your ducted air conditioning unit, such as the fan motor cover and blower fan are cleaned. In most cases, they are vacuumed while hardware such as air vents are washed. 

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A good technician will clean all the components of the cooling and heating system. The industry has set standards of how duct cleaning should be done, and that is a good reason to hire a professional.

If proper cleaning procedures are not followed, there may be indoor air problems. More dirt, dust, and other contaminants could be released in the process. 

It is essential to hire an adequately trained technician to prevent damage to the heating and cooling system and ducts. It would be a disaster as you have to invest in another one. 

Poor cleaning could lead to high running costs, expensive repair or total replacement. A professional might be more expensive than an untrained one, but it is worth the money.

How Much Will Professional Cleaning Cost

Perhaps, you are wondering how much it will cost to professionally clean your AC ducting. What determines the cost is the services offered.

The size of the unit, climatic region, system accessibility, and level of contamination influence the final price. 

If it is challenging for the technician to reach the system, the price might go up. It is the same case if the level of contamination is high and it is a large unit.

Final words

Duct cleaning should be done when you realize the air quality indoors is not clean. If whenever the ducted air con is switched on the air seems to have issues, it is time for the ducts to be cleaned. 

The good news is, regular maintenance can identify any issues before it is too late.

This kind of cleaning helps in preventing allergic reactions and health issues from dirt and contaminants stuck in the ducts.

Hire trained technicians that not only specialize in air-cons but are also certified. They will safely and effectively do the system cleaning and can also prevent future issues too.

The benefit is that energy bills are lowered by more than 10 percent as the unit will run more efficiently. Additionally, as it becomes more efficient and effective, the indoor air quality is improved significantly.

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