Why Removing Stigma Around Sexuality Is Important

Human sexuality exists on a spectrum, and no two humans will ever share the same desires, kinks, or attitudes regarding such an intimate topic. However, while sex is a natural part of any living being with more than a handful of cells, it has unfortunately been stigmatized throughout the centuries for varying reasons. Regardless of whether these stigmas arise from religion, prudishness, or good old-fashioned hatred, the fact remains that demonizing such a natural part of life is something everyone should strive to avoid. This post will discuss why removing this stigma is vital if people get along and understand one another, removing some hatred from the world and hopefully introducing a bit more kindness.

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Let’s Start With The Basics: Human Beings Are Sexual Creatures

As the heading states, human beings are sexual creatures. There are no ifs or buts about it…in order to ensure the continuation of the species (which is job number one for living things), humans must procreate. Consequently, whether you believe in a higher power or that we came about from the primordial ooze, there is something inherent within people that induces them to have sex.

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While this is a perfectly natural occurrence, it has led to an interesting dynamic in modern life where humans have the same sexual drive as they always have but with fewer outlets to follow through. In many ways, this is the reason for the popularity of pornography, where you can find almost anything you desire, from classic porn to a sex cam for free, all of which offer you the chance of sexual satisfaction. Humans are born with an innate sexual drive, and to deny it is to deny your very humanity.

Everyone Has A Sexual Orientation, And It’s Not A Choice

Regardless of whether you agree with a particular lifestyle or sexual preference, most people are born the way they are and have very little input into how they turn out. Obviously, there is the usual debate of nature vs. nurture, but almost all sensible scientists believe it is a combination of the two that determines human behavior. Nevertheless, most people don’t choose to be one way or another, and stigmatizing those with different sexual orientations is akin to stigmatizing someone who likes or doesn’t like cheese. While no one is obliged to agree with anything that other people feel or do, it should be clear that acceptance is a significant part of ensuring there is less fear and hatred in the world.

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The Stigma Around Sexuality Can Lead To Feelings Of Shame, Guilt, And Self-Loathing

Social stigmatization can lead to a variety of adverse issues for individuals who find themselves on the receiving end of it. In most cases, it can lead to feelings of shame and guilt that will eventually manifest into severe depression and lead to other issues that society deems unacceptable.

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For example, by hiding one’s true identity, a person can lose control over their behavior and become addicted to substances, further compounding societal issues that threaten to overwhelm healthcare and social security programs.

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