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Sleep is vital, but it is not always easy to get enough of it. What’s more, if you are struggling to sleep well it is not always clear why that might be, and you might find that it is a challenge just getting to the bottom of that mystery. There are, however, many common reasons why people find it hard to sleep enough, and it is worth considering these possibilities if you are trying to work out why you have not been sleeping well recently. In this post, we’ll look at some of these as a means of trying to get to the bottom of your lack of sleep problem and thereby provide a solution.


At the simplest level, it might just be that your sleeping conditions are not comfortable enough. That could be because you have an old mattress that needs replacing, because the room is too hot or too cold, or because there is an annoying light that stops you from turning off well. Or it might be something like bed bugs in your bed, in which case you will want to call out the experts to have them removed. Do whatever you can to make your bed and bedroom more comfortable, and you should sleep much better in no time. Although it sounds simple, this is such an important thing to bear in mind if you are struggling to sleep well.


Anxiety can be more subtle than people often think. It is not always a hugely overwhelming thing – sometimes it can be hardly noticeable, and yet even at that level, it can somehow make a difference to your sleep levels. If you find that you are worrying in bed at night, you might want to try and do whatever you can to overcome your stress and anxiety. That could include meditating before bed, carrying out deep breathing exercises, or even just dealing with the problems of the day and then promising to yourself not to worry about them until the morning. You deserve your sleep, and you should try as hard as you can to give it to yourself, no matter what your anxiety might say otherwise.

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One of the worst things you can do for your prospects of sleep is to drink lots of alcohol. If you are starting to drink more in the evenings, then you will find that this affects your ability to sleep. That might not even be obvious at first – a lot of people report that they fall asleep more easily on alcohol, so they think it must be helpful. Actually what happens is that it causes you to doze off faster, but then also causes you to wake up repeatedly throughout the night in mini-awakenings that you might not even notice, but which nonetheless do affect your ability to sleep soundly and deeply. So do whatever you can to avoid too much alcohol if you want to sleep more deeply night after night. It really will be worth the effort.

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