Winterizing Your Car

Winterizing Your Car

Winter is coming and cold weather can put a halt on winter plans. Frigid temperatures can slow down the operations and leave you stranded. Making sure that you winterize your car before the snow flies can protect both you and your vehicle. Here are a few steps to follow to get ready for it.

Stock Up On Warm Things

Possibly the most critical preparation you can take is to pack your trunk with items in case you are stuck or your vehicle breaks down. Before you pick up your Chrysler parts to winterize the automobile itself, get a kit together with a blanket or two, a working spare tire, some kitty litter for traction, a flashlight, jumper cables. Having these things in your car all year long is a great idea but it is especially important in the winter when the temperature drops below zero.

Get Charged Up

Take your vehicle to an auto parts store or a repair shop to check out the charge on your battery before the temperature drops below freezing. If there is a report that it is weak, you will want to purchase a new one and have it installed. You also should switch to snow tires if your car needs them and make sure they are fully inflated. Cold air can deflate them a little and if they get too low they may puncture. If you live in an area with gravel and need more traction, you can install chains on your tires to accomplish this.

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Switch Things Up

Before the snow flies, you should change your windshield wiper blades and refill your windshield washer fluid so that you can clear any debris that falls on your window. See how full your antifreeze is and if you are low, take it in to be refilled or top it off yourself if you know-how. If you are due for an oil change, this would be a great time to change it or make an appointment to have it done. Many service shops will check all your fluids and fill any that seem to below. If your car can shift into four-wheel-drive, you may want to take it into the dealership or mechanic to ensure that it is working properly and is ready for the first day of bad weather. Keep your car half full of fuel at all times to prevent your gas line from freezing. If it does your car will have trouble starting and it could cost quite a bit in repairs.

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