Powerful. Creative. Easy. Worry-free. = Qualities of DJI Global Mavic Mini

Powerful. Creative. Easy. Worry-free. = Qualities of DJI Global Mavic Mini

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Digital Imaging, Tech Toys, and overall innovative technology are what is hot this 2019 holiday season.  The exciting part is all of your shopping can be done with one visit to your Best Buy store OR online.  Remember this year that quality is more important than quantity (and less wrapping on your part).  With the DJI Global Mavic Mini, you are going to be putting the biggest smile on those opening gifts from you.

The Exciting Pros of the DJI Global Mavic Mini

With the DJI Global Mavic Mini, you can create smooth, vivid shots.  The stabilized gimbal camera will take any of your moments and make them a work of art. Since the Mavic mini supports the 12MP aerial photos as well as 2.7K Quad HD videos you will see that it establishes your footage to be ultra-smooth and clear.  You will love the 3-axis motorized gimbal for camera stability.

The remote controller allows you to see exactly what the Mavic Mini sees.  The dedicated remote controller supports an HD, low-latency video feed with a distance of up to 4 km.  The detachable control sticks are easily stored inside of the remote controller which helps with travel to your destination.

More flying time is just what you are looking for when it comes to flying your Mavic Mini.  You will not have to worry about constantly charging its battery.  So you will be able to do more of what you love and less charging time.  The weight of the Mavic Mini helps it stay in the air longer than the other FlyCams our there.  When your battery is fully charged you can enjoy up to 30 minutes of flying time.

Powerful. Creative. Easy. Worry-free. = Qualities of DJI Global Mavic MiniFor the ‘Movie-Maker’ on Your Holiday List

Complicated shots are effortless with Mavic Mini’s QuickShots modes.  These include circle, dronie, rocket, and helix.  All you have to do is select your QuickShot and the mini will give you an enhanced preset motion while recording.  This will help you while allowing you not to have to do as many edits on the finished video.  You will even find you can share with your social media much faster when using the preset options.

Another fun mode is CineSmooth.  Giving the operator a smoother motion for compositions that are more than impressive.  Slow down its flight speed and movements for stability, especially in those narrow and complicated areas.

Get more from your flight time by discovering popular spots to videotape.  There are most likely so many scenic places to videotape which are sometimes hard to find or reach. No worries as the DJI Fly app will give you integrated access to SkyPixel.  SkyPixel is a social media platform for anyone using it to share aerial videos and photos.

What more could you ask for from the DJI Global Mavic Mini?  Perfect for that person on your list that loves capturing the outdoors in realtime footage.




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