The Wonder of Travel Memories as Seen on Scratch Maps

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Nothing seems more exciting than traveling. Being able to experience the culture and trying out new things somewhere away from home. Not everyone travels for pleasure, that’s for sure. Some travel out of duties and others travel to find a livelihood. Regardless of the reason you travel, brief relocation can bring an abundance of excitement and enthusiasm of its own.

It does not matter whether you travel to represent your company in a business trip, or as a conventional tourist. Being in a new place invokes that childlike sense of wonder and curiosity, something that we have lost a long time ago. For a moment we get to wander around and take in the beauty, immerse with the locals, and relax for a bit. It allows us to forget the life demands.

Why do people travel?

Unlike tourists, those who travel for business may not have that much of time relaxing. But being on a business trip comes with its own perks. For one, they do not have to worry about planning their own trip. Companies have sorted out the accommodation and flight. Not only that, some companies also offer a myriad of service to cater to your needs as you are abroad. Perhaps, spa reservations in a hotel.

All they should do is use their business meeting schedule as a pointer, and do some homework on nearby tourist attractions. Or, ask your business associates for suggestions. Most of the time they will be open to taking you there and keeping you company. Those who travel on their own may not have the same privileges handed to them.

They must do all the planning from the very beginning, from bookings to getting their way around their travel destination. More often than not, travel planning can be incredibly overwhelming, but the reward, in the end, is well-worth the effort. One more destination to put on the scratch map, and thousands of fond memories to cherish.

But wait, what is a scratch map?

We all know ‘map’ and of course, we know what ‘scratch’ means. But when you actually put two and two together, the result may not seem logical. Other travelers may also mutter “that does not make sense” under their breath when they hear it. We don’t blame you, a ‘scratch map’ truly does not make a hint of sense, but once you see the concept, you will be hooked!

A scratch map is basically just a gigantic sized map you may use for decoration. It looks beautiful as is, obviously. With a gold-colored top foil layer, the map looks like a timeless wall art. However, you can take it up a notch and make it even more stunning by scratching a particular area on the map. Voila! The gold top foil will be effortlessly highlighted, and the color will change completely.

Scratch off world maps has been increasingly popular among those who love to travel. They typically use it as a decoration and as a way to keep the memories of their travels alive. It shows all the places that they have visited in the past. Featuring every continent across the globe, this map boasts impressive geographical detail. Truly an excellent choice of gift for the wanderlusts in your life.



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