Tantalizing Travel Ideas We All Wish We Could Do

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You are being waited on hand and foot, whilst looking out onto a luxuriously clear blue sky; your toes are nestled in the sand and you hear a faint and dainty bird chirping cheerfully in the background. This is what many of us are dreaming of; taking the holiday of our dreams and money not being an object. The majority of us have to scrimp, save and meticulously plan out every single aspect of a long-term trip, but what if you didn’t have to? Take a glimpse into the life of the rich and famous and just imagine being able to live out their travel goals without even batting an eyelid. When no cost is too high and no place is too unreachable, where would you go?

Go Private

Charter a private jet and visit any part of the world at the click of your fingers. Travel on a multi-million dollar aircraft and even try out the German chancellor plane, which is equipped with luxury bedrooms, bathrooms and much more. Choosing the private jet means skipping the painful queues at the check-in desk and avoiding having to man-handle your own ridiculously heavy luggage. Get all of your needs seen to and travel like royalty to your next holiday destination.


Tantalizing Travel Ideas We All Wish We Could Do


Refreshing Retreats

Who needs to head into an office every day for work? When you are super rich you can take business trips across the world and call it a meeting. Head off on a relaxing retreat and call it research for a new book or set sail on a private yacht to try out a new way of life for a short stint. One day you might be able to be your own boss and call that just your average working day, til then I suppose you will just have to crawl into the office every day and pray for the best. Sob.

Luxurious Living

Pick up your life and move to a hotter climate. That’s what all the successful people seem to be doing nowadays; boycotting the chilly winters and following the sunshine. Who wants to live through any of the cold months anyway? With an unlimited cash stash you could make a brand new start in a hot and glamorous destination.

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Cruise The World

Hop on a cruise ship and travel to every country you have always imagined. Sail away into the sunshine and switch of your telephone. Not having a care in the world would be most people’s ideal scenario and we can only dream of the adventure and fun that could be had on a cruise around the world.

We can only dream of what we could do with unlimited funds at our fingertips. You never know, some of these things might one day be an option for us if we keep working hard at our day to day jobs. One day we may be able to escape the rat race of our normal life and jet of to a private island and sun ourselves on our lunch break. Let’s keep the dream alive and live vicariously through those who can!


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