Wristwatches – A Trend Rekindling


Why wear a watch when you have high tech phones to see the time of today, yesterday and of the year past? Because wearing a watch is not only about watching the time. Rocking a time watch like a wooden watch on your wrist is a loftier choice because it projects a grander image of who you are.

Do you want to look dapper as a groom, then here is the perfect accessory for you – the groomsman on the big day of their friend. Or if you are a groom and want to gift your friends something classic and unforgettable, then Groomsmen wooden watches- set of 6 is a perfect gift box for you to accommodate all of your friends in a single shot.

And when you are getting a huge discount like the one you are getting at Groomsmen wooden watches, they can also be an excellent gift for birthdays of loved ones, anniversary, and Christmas.

Havern Wooden Watches display amazing craftsmanship that can enthrall and mesmerize your family, friends, and colleagues, making you the center of the attention. Live with the show-stopping and statement-making watches, and you can pass these on as heirlooms too.

Once believed that smartphones had made the watches obsolete but not anymore. This neat and classy fashion accessory is still functional, and a sign of adulthood. Groomsmen Wooden Watches are designed with the best man in mind to bring out the festive mood and the impeccable looks.

Groomsmen Watches Set of 6 is a budget-priced collection of design-forward “serious” watches offering free engravings and priority shipping all over.  Wristwatches can be a great companion to you, starting from your graduation, job interviews, and travels around the world.

The designs of Groomsmen Wooden Watches are fresh and youthful, with a balance of classic Teutonic clean lines and natural hints of color. These are available in several wooden textures; namely, the Ebony Sandalwood, Bamboo, Maple, Red sandalwood, walnut, and zebrawood originated from Cameroon, China, Mozambique, and the USA. What more can an antique lover ask for at the wedding of their friend?

Sizing, too, is youth-friendly. The Groomsmen Wooden Watches are available in two sizes, 1.5 inches, and 1.75 inches. 

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Understandably, if the prices were out of the range of the intended buyers that the antique classic designs would not mean much. The Groomsmen Wooden Watches – set of 6 starts around $380 each, about a third of what the higher-priced models retail for, which could be considered downright cheap for a well-appointed watch with handcrafted wooden craftsmanship. And no doubt, many fresh graduates welcome a discount wherever they can find one since overwhelming student loans face them.

Another brand to look into is Panerai Watches. They are an Italian-based company that might also fit your needs.

All in all, wristwatches are back in the trend market with a bang, this easy to keep fashion accessory is hard to get lost or stolen like it’s current counter pieces – the cell phone!


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  • I have seen these watches for awhile. I was curious to the quality of them but based on pricing would guess they would last awhile. Would make great Christmas gift ideas for this year.

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